All Flash: Spice of Life ’24

Editor: Vallie Lynn Watson

Managing Editor: Abbie Skinner

Guest Editor: Aiman Tariq

Assistant Editors: Karris Rae, Taryn White, Meilyn Woods

Editorial Assistants: Mia Bonds, Alexandria Knight

Digby Beaumont, Frida Kahlo, acrylic over ink

Letter from the Editor by Vallie Lynn Watson

Letter from the Guest Editor by Aiman Tariq

“Stump” by Sudha Balagopal

“A Widow” by Angela Ball

“Musky Honeysuckle” by Richard Boada

“New Developments” by Randall Brown

”Howard Johnson’s End” by Paul Corman-Roberts

“Dear Casey Kasem, I hated my wedding” by Alexa Doran

“Trench Coat by Sherrie Flick

“Houses of Rain” by Tiff Holland

“True Love” by Len Kuntz

“Memory of May” by Meg Pokrass

“Damages” by Susan Tepper

“The Headdress” by Shanti Weiland

“Pierced” by Margo Williams

Lily: A Found Flash of All Thirteen Stories by Mia Bonds and Alexandria Knight

Cover artist: Digby Beaumont is an award-winning artist. His artwork has been published extensively in collaboration with writers of fiction, poetry and music. He works on portraits, still lifes, landscapes and a series of drawings on the theme of what it is to be human. He creates his art using acrylic paint, pen and ink, mixed media and silk screen printing. Digby is also a widely published writer. His flash fiction, short stories and poetry have appeared in more than 100 journals, magazines and anthologies, including The Best Small Fictions.


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