Submitting to McNeese’s MFA Program

The cornerstone of our three-year program is the workshop, where students submit their creative work for review, critique the writing of their peers, and build necessary skills as writers and readers of fiction and poetry. While working closely with individual faculty—Michael Horner and Vallie Lynn Watson in fiction, Michael Robins and Kevin Thomason in poetry—students enroll in craft-based Form and Theory courses that provide a foundational knowledge vital to the development of writing skills. Our master’s degree program features a variety of literature and criticism classes, which give students a sense of how their work fits into literary traditions. Beyond the department’s curriculum, our visiting writing series brings prominent authors to campus each semester to offer readings, craft talks, and one-on-one conferences in both fiction and poetry. The MFA experience culminates with the creative thesis: a book length manuscript with significant artistic merit.

The MFA program at McNeese State University is one of the only programs in the nation that offers the possibility for obtaining a concurrent MA in English (without additional hours or cost), which further builds a broader base for students’ writing and their professional lives. Find out more on our website.

How to Apply

Let’s be sure our program is the right place for you. To begin the application process, send us your work and a brief, one-page letter of intent describing what you want from an MFA program, why McNeese sounds appealing, and your interest in teaching freshman-level English.

For every opening, we receive many applications each year. We keep the program small in order to have close, personal relationships with students. We accept applications between October 15 and February 21 for the following academic year. Acceptance into McNeese State University does not guarantee acceptance into the MFA program. If you are accepted into the MFA program and decide to join us, then we will ask you to complete the formalities of applying to the graduate school.

MFA in Fiction

Submit up to 20 pages of fiction through Submittable. If you have any specific questions regarding your writing sample, contact Lynn Watson at

MFA in Poetry

Submit up to 10 pages of poetry through Submittable. If you have any specific questions regarding your writing sample, contact Michael Robins at

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