All Hybrid: This Is It

Editor: Vallie Lynn Watson

Managing Editor: Abbie Skinner

Guest Editor: Taryn White

Assistant Editors: Karris Rae, Aiman Tariq, Meilyn Woods

Editorial Assistants: Mia Bonds, Alexandria Knight

Phil Cumber, Ghost Moon

Letter from the Editor by Vallie Lynn Watson

Letter from the Guest Editor by Taryn White

Midnight in the Valley of Spam” by Steve Almond

No One Says the C-Word at the Comprehensive Cancer Center” by Mikki Aronoff

A Bird Taking a Shit Like a Dog” by Ben Belcher

“Good Friday” and People Are at Their Telescopes by Julia Johnson

A Thornbush’s Embrace” by Missy Nieveen Phegley

Dodo” by Richard Peabody

Voice(s)” by Sam Rasnake

The Nightmare House” by Sam Ruddick

The great masters, meditators and mystics” by John Sharkey

Playing with the Wizard” by Dawn Sperber

Skin Junkie” by Angela Spinzig

Tossed-in-a-Chair!” by Caleb Tankersley

Cycle” by Susan Tepper

Machine Gun Secrets” by Meg Tuite

Midsummer, Again” by Lee Upton

From Inside Hollow Walls” by Melanie Whithaus

P.S. “Replacement by Mia Bonds and Alexandria Knight

Cover artist: Phil Cumber painted theater sets at the historic Thalian Hall in Wilmington, NC, from 1980-1983; he then worked as a scenic artist in film. Phil was born in Maryland to parents who were born and raised in downtown Wilmington. Ghost Moon is a tribute to his favorite downtown haunt, Barbary Coast.


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