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University Police Escort

University Police Escort

The University Police has an escort program, and this program is designed to provide the students with a safer means to travel around the campus. The primary goal the escort service is to enable you to travel from one location to another with a greater sense of security. Call ext 5711 or 475-5711.

What is the Purpose of the Escort Service? The University established this service with the purpose of increasing the safety felt within our community. This service was designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind if you must walk on campus.

Who is eligible for the escort services? The escort is a free service and is available to all students, staff, and faculty members.

When are the escorts available? Escorts are available at all times.

Who will escort me? University Police Officers will provide the escorts.

Can I have an escort from a parking lot? If an escort is needed from a parking lot please call the University Police Department at 475-5711, or stop by on your way to the lot, or call from your cell phone. Once in the parking lot, please remain in your vehicle with your doors locked and your headlights on if it is after dark.

How do I arrange an escort? Please call 475-5711 for an escort 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time. You will need to provide your name, location, destination, number of people that need an escort, and call back telephone number. However, escorts will be provided in the order requests were placed. Please wait for the escorts at the agreed upon location. An officer will be dispatched and respond as soon as possible. In most instances the officer will respond in a timely manner, however an emergency situation may dictate a longer waiting period for the escort. Please be patient.

To what locations can I be escorted? The Escort Service will provide you with an escort to or from any location within any location on campus.

We strongly encourage you to walk in pairs or small groups especially late at night.