All Music: Espressivo March ’24

Editor: Vallie Lynn Watson

Managing Editor: Abbie Skinner

Guest Editor: Karris Rae

Assistant Editors: Aiman Tariq, Taryn White, Meilyn Woods

Editorial Assistants: Mia Bonds, Alexandria Knight

Shawnda McCollum, Rhythm Section, inspired by “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed

Letter from the Editor by Vallie Lynn Watson

Letter from the Guest Editor by Karris Rae


“Ticket to Ride” by Angela Ball

“In the Style of…” by James Brubaker

“Cemetery One Nighter” by Paul Corman-Roberts

“Hot Jazz” by Michael Czyzniejewski

“Little by Little” by Susan Tepper

“The Music’s Gonna Get You” by Margo Williams


“Recital in Black” by Roger Camp

“Enter the Bassoon” by John Davis

“Eminem Must Imagine I’m His Biggest Fan” by Alex M. Frankel

“The Show” by John Grey

“The Music Carries Me Like The Wind Carries My Voice” by Vallie McGallion

“Songs of the Past” by Amanda Meyer

“The Stars—They Shine Just for Us” by Jill Michelle

“The Circle Game” by Gerard Sarnat

“Three Songs” by Mike Wilson

“On Becoming a Country Music Song” by Jenny Yang Cropp

Full playlist: “Espressivo 2024”

Cover artist: Shawnda McCollum is a born-and-raised resident of Northeast Ohio. She’s been doing creative things since she was two, when she put a musical teddy bear in a shoe box and called it a radio. These days she expresses her creativity through visual arts, woodworking, home decor, and aquascaping.


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