“Boo”din Halloween ’23 Special Edition

Editor: Vallie Lynn Watson

Managing Editor: Abbie Skinner

Assistant Editors: Karris Rae, Aiman Tariq, and Taryn White

Letter from the Editor by Vallie Lynn Watson

“Love Teeth” & “Putrefaction” by Kate Wright

“The Teeth” by Stephanie Hayes

“Musical Realism” & “English Juche Language Instruction” by Jeffrey H. MacLachlan

“The Dentist, The Bootlegger” by Meghan Louise Wagner

“Post Extraction” by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

”Snappers/The Man on the Mattress” by Robb T. White

“Snow-White Teeth in Dartmouth”, “The Visitors”, & “Sestina With Teeth Expanding Like A Lie” by Kenton K. Yee

“Prey Drive” by Oliver Brooks

“” by Isaac Ferber

“Tooth Appointment” by Ben Larned

“Eviction Notice From the Tooth Fairy” & “red is a spectrum” by Jaden Fong

“Patrona” by William Hawkins

“jesus lost his milk teeth” & “he looked so much like his father” by Quinton Okoro

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