Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon Christine Williams __________ Camille saw it as a good omen. The most outspoken of all friends who doubted your intentions with me, she changed her tune when I told her about your team’s bachata social last week, when you’d reached for my hand during performances, and…

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Drivers Ed by David Armand

Drivers Ed By David Armand It’s Saturday. Early in the morning and my parents are already dropping me off at a strip mall in downtown Covington, Louisiana, where I’m going to spend the next eight hours taking a drivers education course so that I can get my license the following…

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Flash Nonfiction and Poetry by Mary Ardery

Flash Nonfiction and Poetry By Mary Ardery   Trying to Make the 2.5-Hour Drive to the Trailhead Before Rain I drive a group of women into the wet woods of the Pisgah Forest to dry out from booze, pills, and syringes. On the 20-mile stretch before we reach the interstate,…

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