Two Poems by Jen Karetnick

Two Poems by Jen Karetnick   Marching Band Perp Walk You never forget the way you’re taught to tread: Gaze straight ahead. Limbs on alert. Feet barely lifted, a watery shuffle. Toe to heel, toe to heel, a needle through the arch, threading the seams of the path in front…

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Two Poems by William Brown

Two Poems by William Brown Monarchs I wanted to dust their beating wings, douse them in alcohol, press into paper, onto toothpicks stabbed in foam. But when I arrive, plastic bag tied to a stick, they ignite the hush of alfalfa, pillage the flower’s throats like boys back home who…

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Call the Carmelites

Call the Carmelites Nonfiction by Jane V. Blunschi   I started calling the Carmelite monastery with prayer requests when I was twenty-four years old. I knew about the nuns because the woman I was involved with advised me to call them when I was fearful, and I was fearful most…

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