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There’s a Strand

Dustin Radke


There’s a strand of uncurly hair that weaved
itself through your bandana and fell just to
the right of your smile. Not to be too poetic,
but it disobeyed the river of your hair and led
me straight to your smile, and now I miss you.
I wonder how you’d feel about the state
I’m in if you were sitting on my bed. And I
miss you in Waikiki. Who knows what you’re
doing there. You’re probably doing nothing
with some charm and indisputing arguments
(tell me, is anything really ever that bad?)
in the middle of the water. How the hell
are feet supposed to feel along this floor? How
is my chest supposed to fill with this much air?


Dustin Radke is originally from St. Louis, MO. He currently lives in the Florida Keys and can be found on Instagram @okie______dokie.