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The Shearman Grant Program

The Shearman Grant Program


The Shearman Research Initiative Fund provides financial support (seed money) for faculty efforts to conduct pilot studies or pursue creative expression. Higher priority for funding will go to a proposal that truly involves a "research initiative." These funds should be used in such a way that will encourage scholarly activities above and beyond what the grant is funding. Project Investigators selected to receive support will be designated Shearman Research Fellows.


Proposals are submitted to the Office of Research Services and reviewed by the Peer Review Committee, which is composed of one faculty member from each academic College and the Library. Faculty selected to serve on the 2011 Shearman Research Initiative Peer Review Committee are as follows:

  • Ms. Jeannie D. Robertson, Committee Chair(non-voting) (475-5124)
  • Dr. Banamber Mishra, College of Business (475-5572)
  • Dr. Carl Bartling, College of Education (475-5464)
  • Dr. Julie Mendez, College of Engineering & Technology (475-5865)
  • Mr. Larry Schuh, College of Liberal Arts (475-5049)
  • Dr. Ann Warner, College of Nursing (475-5831)
  • Dr. Steven Stinnett, College of Science (475-5758)
  • Ms. Jessica Hutchings, Frazar Memorial Library (475-5546)


Eligible participants are those who hold full-time faculty appointments. The committee will consider only one proposal per P.I. The Peer Review Committee members may not submit proposals to either fund.

Use of Funds

The use of funds is generally unrestricted as long as it is directly related to research or creative expression. Due to limited funding, computer equipment is not normally funded. The committee recommends the following guidelines.

  • Salaries for PIs or faculty are not allowed (NO Exceptions);
  • No funding to support activities normally supported by academic departments;
  • The Committee encourages the use of students in your project
  • Funds requested for travel expenses to conduct actual project research are allowable. However, requests for travel funds to attend conferences (including those as an invited presenter) are discouraged.

Irrespective of those guidelines, all proposals submitted will be considered by the committee.

Submission Process (for the 2011-2012 fiscal year)

The Office of Research Services must receive proposals by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 14, 2010. Please submit one signed original and eight copies of the completed proposal to the Research Services Office. In addition, please submit an electronic copy of the ABSTRACT ONLY to Jeannie Robertson. The appropriate College Representatives, Department Heads and Deans must sign proposals. For additional information, contact Research Services at 475-5124.