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Full-Time Faculty

Department Head:
Dr. Michael T. Smith, Associate Professor (Curriculum Vitae)
Fields: United States Civil War Era, Cultural History, Political History, Military History
Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University (2005)

Dr. Janet Allured, Professor (Curriculum Vitae)
Fields: American South, Modern United States, American Women, Women's Studies
Ph.D., University of Arkansas (1988)
To view Dr. Allured's recent published and unpublished papers visit her SSRN page:

Dr. Derek Blakely, Assistant Professor
Fields: European History, British History
Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis (1995)

Dr. Elizabeth Bryant
Fields: War and Society, Holocaust and Genocide, Twentieth-Century America
Ph.D. Florida State University

Dr. Michael Crawford, Associate Professor
Fields: Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, History of Spain, Renaissance and Reformation
Ph.D. University of Arizona (2004)

Dr. Robert Forrest, Professor
Fields: European History (French, Eastern European), History of Terrorism
Ph.D. University of Colorado (1988)

Dr. Philippe Girard, Professor (Curriculum Vitae)
Fields: Latin American and Caribbean History, World History, History of Slavery
B.A. Sciences Po (1997), M.A. Ohio University (1999), Ph.D. Ohio University (2002)

Martha Hoskins, Instructor
Fields: United States, African-American History, Women and Religion

Kathy Jones, Instructor
Fields: Nineteenth-Century United States and Public History
MA University of Arkansas and ABD University of South Carolina

Dr. John Keeling, Assistant Professor
Fields: Antebellum South, Louisiana
Ph.D. University of Georgia (2002)

Son Mai, Instructor
Fields: Twentieth-Century US History and Immigration
MA Stephen F. Austin State University and ABD Texas Tech University

Dr. Ray Miles, Professor and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (Curriculum Vitae)
Fields: United States West, Native American History
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, 1990


James Blain, United States History

Michael Frawley, United States History

Edwin Sherwood, United States History

Jo Anne Stankus, Gender History