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College of Business
Jiun-Shiu Chen
William Galose

College of Education
Christine Anthony
Jan Broussard
Neil Faulk
Courtney Huck Hebert
MaryAnn "Mimi" Wallace

College of Engineering and Technology
John Li
Vipin Menon

College of Liberal Arts
Janet Allured
Matthew Butkus
Michael Crawford
Meghan Fleming
Muhammad Haque
Kathy Jones
Son Mai
Steve Thompson
Wendy Whelan-Stewart

College of Nursing
Mary Dubriel
Jennifer Foreman
Andria McCann
Kathlene Williams
Verionica Woodward

College of Science
David Archer
Edward Ferguson
Sonya Hidalgo
Sarah Jessup
Kathy Jackson
Melinda Melton
Eljeana Quebodeaux
Chris Struchtmeyer

Frazar Library
Lonnie Beene
Walt Fontane

Faculty Senate Committee Appointments

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS -  The Committee on Academic Affairs deals with all matters pertaining to teaching, learning, and scholarship, including faculty competence, promotions, admissions, and grade loads.
Vipin Menon (chair), Steve Thompson, Megan Fleming, Veronica Woodard, Zhuang Li

FACULTY AFFAIRS - The Committee on Faculty Affairs considers all matters affecting the general faculty.
Members: Kathlene Williams (chair), Vipin Menon, David Archer, Melinda Melton, Zhuang Li, Wendy Whelan Stewart

RULES - The Rules Committee handles matters pertaining to the Senate's procedures and may make periodic studies of the Senate to determine its role in the University.
Members: Lonnie Beene (chair), William Galose, Kathy Jones, Walt Fontane, Sonya Hidalgo

STUDENT RELATIONS - The Student Affairs Committee deals with student matters and provides communication between faculty and student organizations.
Members: Mary Wallace (chair), Jiun-Shin Chen, Neil Faulk, Kathy Jackson, Courtney Hebert

TEACHING AND TEACHER RESOURCES - The Teaching and Teacher Resources Committee deals with matters impacting teaching policies, documentation, and educational resources.
Members: Matthew Butkus (chair), Michael Crawford, Chris Struchtemeyer, Jan Broussard, Jennifer Foreman, Sarah Jessup

COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES - The Committee on Committees each year recommends to the Senate faculty representatives to serve on University standing committees.
Members: David Archer (chair), Vipin Menon, Lonnie Beene, Mary Dubriel, William Galose, Kathy Jones, Jan Broussard

The President of the Senate also has the authority to create special ad hoc committees to deal with matters that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the standing committees.