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Moodle Quick Help Tips

Moodle Quick Help Tips

I have forgotten my Moodle user name and password ...
  • McNeese State University will use a standardized LOGIN and PASSWORD system for the MyMcNeese Portal, e-mail, and Moodle Courses. This will be the ONLY ID and password to remember
  • All students will have "msu-" before their first initial of their first name, and complete last name up to 15 characters including the prefix of msu-. This is all in lower case. i.e. msu-jsmith
  • In the event of common last name combinations the last character will be a digit. i.e. msu-jthibodeau5
  • Note that the user ID field length is limited and truncated to 15 characters. If you type in characters longer than 15 spaces then your ID's will NOT WORK.
  • All students will use their Banner ID for their password. You must change your password after your first or second login.

Contact the

I am having trouble with my computer opening tests and sending email in Moodle... Please make sure that you have your Java Scripting turned on. Check the Computer Requirements link of this web site. Also, turn off your pop-up eliminator software while using Moodle, or enable it if you have it loaded as a plug-in to your browser. Again, remember that it is better to use the Mozilla Firefox browser, or the Google Chrome browser. It is NOT recommended that you use Internet Explorer with Moodle.

I need to use library resources for my courses...
Visit the McNeese State University Library where you can access online resources and services without setting foot on campus.Here you will find an online library catalog, full-text article databases, recommended Web sites, and tutorials and handouts .