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Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration

Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration

Department Head: Dr. Lonnie Phelps

Dr. Phelps

Faculty: Mitchell Adrian, Jim Chen, Aadel Darrat, Lonnie Phelps, Charles Rader, Jeffery Stevens, Jeffrey Totten, Lonnie Turpin, Teng Zhang.

The Management, Marketing, and General Business Administration programs are designed to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of a fast-changing and increasingly global business environment.

Graduates will be prepared to contribute to their organizations and society, to grow personally and professionally, and to pursue further graduate work.

The departmental mission's primary emphases are:

  • Quality teaching.
  • Scholarly productivity.
  • Service to the business and academic community.


The Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration offers curricula leading to the following degrees:

Each curriculum provides for a general understanding of our economic system and business environment while providing a sound foundation in the common body of business knowledge.

The General Business Administration curriculum requires coursework in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. It provides a broad background for students interested in administrative positions with business firms, large and small, and with government agencies.

The Management curriculum is designed to provide the student with the knowledge needed to function as a manager in a business or not-for-profit organization. Students are exposed to managerial principles and theories, and are challenged to develop the skills necessary to integrate managerial theory and practice.

The Marketing curriculum introduces the student to basic problems and practices in marketing. This program is designed to offer a broad understanding of marketing concepts, giving the student a strong background to meet the demands of a career in marketing.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Science in General Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Management, and Bachelor of Science in Marketing must fulfill the requirements listed under "College-Wide Requirements" in the College of Business section of this catalog, and complete the prescribed General Business Administration, Management, and Marketing curriculum with a minimum grade of "C" in all courses credited toward the major.