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Assessment - SPA Reports

Assessment - SPA Reports

Overview of SPA Report Format and Content

SPA Report Examples

SPA Reports
Timeline Sections
October 2013 1: Context
November 2013 II: List of Assessments
III: Relationship of Assessments to Standards
December 2013-February 2014 IV: Evidence for Meeting Standards
March 2014 V: Use of Assessment Results to Improve Candidate Performance

SPA Programs
Program (SPA) Standards Website
Early Childhood (NAEYC), Initial X X
Early Childhood (NAEYC), Advanced X X
Educational Computing and Technology (ISTE) X X
Educational Leadership (ELCC) X X
Elementary Education (ACEI) X X
English Language Arts Education (NCTE) X X
Environmental Education (NAAEE) X X
Foreign Languages Education (ACTFL) X X
Mathematics Education (NCTM) X X
Physical Education (NASPE) X X
Science Education (NSTA) X X
Social Studies Education (NCSS) X X