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Traits of a Leader (Gr 7 & Up)

Traits of a Leader (Gr 7 & Up)

     Why are some people looked upon as good leaders and others as not so good leaders There are many Basic traits of a good leader to be considered. Are leaders born or are they made? Can you choose to be a leader? What do we look for in a leader?

    Together, we will adventure into the many possibilities before of us of leadership: action, emotion, organization skills, and many qualities and characteristics that inspire. Leadership is more than money and power. We will also explore some situations and experiences that require us to exercise leadership qualities.

Instructor Neil Early, M.F.A.
Location Gayle 206
Dates Tuesday
June 9th
Time 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Price $45 Until June 2nd
$55 After June 2nd

About the Instructors:

     Folklorist Neil and retired first-grade teacher Mary have a good time instructing a wide variety of classes. Mary Early has a Master of Elementary Teaching Degree and M.Ed. She has taught grades K - 8th. The Early's students always have a good time, as there is never a boring moment.

To register, please call (337) 475-5616

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