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Nancy Melton's Fall Foliage in Watercolor

Nancy Melton's Fall Foliage in Watercolor

fall foilage painting               falling leaves painting

     Capture the beauty of fall colors with this fun paint you will enjoy.  Have fun and experiment with new techniques including the use of sponges! Get in touch with your ceativity and find out how painting in watercolor can bring JOY into your life!
Instructor Nancy Melton
Location SFA 121
Date Tuesdays / Thursdays 
Sept. 16, 18, 23, 25
Time 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Cost $75 Until Sept. 2
$85 After Sept. 2

To register, please call (337) 475-5616
Supply List:

-Set tube watercolors or 2 tubes - warm and a cool of each, red,  yellow, and blue

-Brushes - Round - one large (size # 12 or 14) and one small (any size such as # 3)

-Pencil and eraser

-Palette for watercolors

-Mist bottle for water

-Masking fluid

-Paper towels


Teacher will sell paper - $5 -  Arches French cold pressed paper
22 X 30 sheet which can be torn into 2, 4, or more pieces