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Brian "Fox" Ellis: Canoe Song: A French Explorer's Journal 1673-1690

Brian "Fox" Ellis: Canoe Song: A French Explorer's Journal 1673-1690

Brian fox in a presentation in costume
Instructor Brian "Fox" Ellis
Location Business Conference Center
McNeese State University
Dates Monday
November 17
Time 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Price $49 Until September 26 for the SAGE Series
$55 After September 26

Travels and Travails of Marquette, Joliet, and LaSalle
          Pere Zenoble Membre was a friend of Pere Marquette who traveled through the Midwest with LaSalle, Hennepin and DeTonti. Through the journals of these intrepid explorers, Brian "Fox" Ellis portrays Zenoble, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs of their attempt to build an empire in the wilderness. Through original and traditional songs, poetry and folktales Fox allows listeners to experience first-hand the beauty and grandeur of the voyager. Audience members are invited to barter furs for trade goods, to sing-a-long in French, and to paddle a canoe through the mists of time to see America through the eyes of the first Europeans.
          Since 1980 Brian "Fox" Ellis has been touring the world as a performer and educator. Through stories and song, myth and poetry, Fox brings the world to your school, library, festival or conference. He is a dynamic teller who, in a warmly entertaining manner, captures what is most life-affirming and beautiful in the human experience.
Fox believes that within each of us is a story to tell. One of his goals is to awaken the tale teller in all of us. He is a keynote speaker and master teacher who provides workshops for students, teachers, parents, clergy and naturalists.

          His "Adventures in Nature" celebrate our relationships with all of creation. His renditions of international folktales evoke a deeper understanding of other cultures. Fox's retelling of American Indian tales enriches the listener with the wit and wisdom of his elders. He brings to life the history of America through the voices of presidents and slaves, farmers and factory workers.

          Fox is the author of 15 books including, The WEB at Dragonfly Pond. He also writes for more than a dozen magazines. As a working writer he sheds new light on the writing process helping students to find their own voice.