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Beginning Tennis

Beginning Tennis

    Learn how to play or stay on top of your game with the McNeese Tennis Coach! 
The 2 week, 6 session course will touch all aspects of the game with emphasize on tennis fundamentals.
Instructor Andrew Dobbs
Location McNeese Tennis Courts
Dates Monday - Friday
May 18 - 22nd
Time Section A (Ages 8-10): 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
       Section B (Ages 11 & Up): 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM
Price $95 Until May 11th
$105 After May 11th

To register, please call (337) 475-5616


     Students should bring a properly sized racket for their age.

     This link, under the GEAR tab at the top can help tell you the properly sized racket by age. It's a United States Tennis Association link (USTA) that describes it's 10 and under tennis program which was implemented a few years ago to help show tennis players the proper gear they need to use by age to learn and play the game and grow up playing the game (proper sized rackets, courts, balls). Students don't HAVE to bring balls but if they do it will make the clinic better.

     If students do choose to bring balls please bring the ones that are designated for their age which is also described in the link. We have plenty of balls that adults use. They also need non-black soled tennis shoes, shorts, T-shirt, sunscreen, water and a smile. Demo rackets are available to borrow but there's a limited amount.

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