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First-Time Freshman

First-Time Freshman

A first time freshman is a student that has enrolled in no previous college level coursework in either the United States or abroad.

A final admissions decision cannot be made until we have received all required documents. All required forms can be downloaded and printed from our website.

An international student applying for admission as a first-time freshman must meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduation from a recognized secondary school comparable to a U.S. high school;
  2. English language proficiency as specified under International Admissions Regulations;
  3. Need of no developmental courses (required scores below);  AND
  4. ONE of the following:
    1. Minimum high school GPA of 2.35 as calculated by the Office of International Student Affairs OR
    2. Minimum high school GPA of 2.0 as calculated by the Office of International Student Affairs andminimum composite ACT score of 20 (SAT score of 940).

An international student who graduated from a state-approved U.S. high school must meet the first-time freshman admission criteria outlined here.

You must submit the following listed below to apply for admission:
MCNEESE Affidavit Of Support Form and Official Bank Letter.pdf  (For F-1 Students Only)
Please read and follow the instructions very carefully. You must provide the affidavit of support form promising the required $27000 amount of support from your sponsor each year and include all necessary signatures. You must also provide an official, original bank statement or bank letter verifying that your sponsor currently has the equivalent of the required $27000 amount for the first year of study in U.S. dollars deposited in a bank account.

3)  Proof of Immunization form PDF Every student must complete and return this document prior to admission to McNeese. If your medical records are unavailable, you may complete and sign the request for exemption section on the Proof of Immunization form.

4)  $30.00 application fee
Please make out the check, money order, or demand draft to "McNeese State University" for $30 drawn on a US bank.

5) Official transcripts and diplomas
Students applying for an undergraduate (bachelor's degree) program who have never attended a university or college must send official high school/secondary school transcripts from all high schools/secondary schools attended, including any US high schools/secondary schools, once grades are posted for the last semester attended.
Your GPA will be calculated in our office and must meet the minimum requirements of 2.35 for undergraduate applicants.

6) Official TOEFL or IELTS score

TOEFL scores must be mailed directly from the testing agency to McNeese (Code=6403) or a copy of the IELTS score report form must be sent to McNeese. The required minimum TOEFL scores is 61 IBT for undergraduate applicants. The required minimum IELTS scores are 5.0 for undergraduate applicants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
7) Official ACT or SAT scores for undergraduate applicants.

 Official ACT or SAT scores must be mailed directly from the testing agency to McNeese (Code=6403 for SAT; Code=1594 for ACT).  The required minimum ACT score is 18 English and 19 Math OR minimum SAT score is 450 Verbal and 460 Math if you have never attended a university/college.


8) Access Award/Non-Resident Fee Waiver Application PDF (optional only)

To be considered for the Access Award/Non-Resident Fee Waiver this form must be received in our office. This is available to students who enter McNeese in the Fall Semester or Spring Semester only. The form can be downloaded from the 

Office of Scholarships and Testing.
9)On Campus Housing Application (optional)

For information on campus housing, please visit the McNeese Resident Life website or email

If you possess all requirements for admission, please mail in all of your documents to one of the following addresses. If you are in the U.S. and using a United States post office. either address will normally work, but any other delivery method may require one address or the other.
The mailing address for McNeese State University is:

McNeese State University
International Programs
Box 90180
Lake Charles, LA 70609

Some couriers require the exact street address which is:
McNeese State University
International Programs
Kaufman 113
4205 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Once we receive your application and supporting documents, you will be contacted at the email address on your application within three to ten business days.
We might contact you at this point to:

-          Notify you of missing requirements
-          Ask you for additional documentation
-          Notify you of acceptance
-          Notify you of denial
Application, Admissions, and Post Acceptance Process

If you have been accepted and have not submitted any type of scholarship application and have never attended a U.S. University or Language Center, our office will now create your I-20. Once created, you will be contacted for delivery details.
If you are accepted and have submitted McNeese scholarship applications and have never attended a U.S. University or Language Center, our office will now submit your scholarship documents to our campus' Scholarship and Testing Office for a scholarship decision. Once we receive their scholarship decision, we can create your I-20. At this point, our office will contact you for delivery details.
Once you arrive at campus your FIRST stop must be the International Office.  We will need to make copies of your visa, passport, I-94, and any previous I-20s.  During this point, you will be notified of the International Orientation date (mandatory for new MSU students) and we will remove any existing holds that would prevent registration for courses.

Please feel free to contact us at with any additional questions.