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Publishing News

Janet Allured's long-awaited study of the women's rights movement and feminism in Louisiana has now been published.  Remapping Second-Wave Feminism: The Long Women's Rights Movement in Louisiana, 1950-1997 (University of Georgia Press, August 2016). To listen to Dr. Allured's interview with KRVS host Judith Meriwether about her new book, click on this link.

Michael Smith's new book The 1864 Franklin-Nashville Campaign: The Finishing Stroke was published by Praeger Publishing July, 2014. 

Dr. Crawford recently published The Fight for Status and Privilege in Late Medieval and Early Modern Castile, 1465-1598 (Penn State University Press, 2014).

Oxford University Press published Dr. Girard's commentary on and translation of the Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture's account of his own life. The Memoir of General Toussaint Louverture (2014).

Jacket cover image for Dr. Smith's This Distracted and Anarchical People