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WMST Courses

WMST Courses

While many courses may count toward a WMST degree, the following are currently offered courses specific to Women's Studies.

WMST 201: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Introduction to women's and gender studies-interdisciplinary study of women's lives and of variance in sex roles among cultural groups in different historical periods. Prerequisite: ENGL 102. Cr. 3. Gen. Ed. 1a, 7, 8, 10. WE.
WMST 301: Survey of Feminist Theory
Interdisciplinary study of Western feminist theories from the Enlightenment to the present. Prerequisites: ENGL 102 or WMST 201. Cr. 3
WMST 311: Women and Religion
Historical and cultural overview of women and religion focusing primarily on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. No duplicate credit for WMST 311 and HIST 311. Cr. 3
(Crosslisted with HIST 311)
WMST 320: American Women's History
Survey of the history of American women from colonial times to the present. No duplicate credit for HIST 320 and WMST 320. Prerequisite: HIST 201 or HIST 202. Cr. 3
(Crosslisted with HIST 320)
WMST 401: Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
Focuses upon a variety of issues central to contemporary gender inquiry. May be repeated as topics vary to accrue a total of 6 sem. hours. Prerequisite: WMST 201. Cr. 3
WMST 406: Women in Literature
Women writers and/or images of women in literature. No duplicate credit for ENGL 406, WMST 406, and ENGL 507. Prerequisite: ENGL 102 or its equivalent. Cr. 3
WMST 472: History of American Sexuality
Sexuality in the United States from colonial times to the present, including Native American, Euro-American, African-American and Hispanic cultures' approaches to sexuality, sexual identities, and reproduction. Includes a history of censorship, vice crimes, and the modern sexual revolution. No duplicate credit for HIST 472, HIST 572, or WMST 472. Prerequisite: HIST 201 or HIST 202 or permission of department head. Cr. 3
(Crosslisted with HIST 472)

If pursuing the Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in WMST, these additional History courses are required:

HIST 210: Introduction to Research and Writing
Historical research methods foucsing on problems, tools, and proposals. No duplicate credit for HIST 210 and HUMN 201. Open only to majors in History, Liberal Studies, or Social Studies Education. Prerequisite: 6 hours of History. Cr. 3. Gen. Ed. 6
HIST 410: Research Seminar in History
Advanced historical research methods, bibliography, historiography, and criticism of data that culminate in preparing, presenting, and defending a senior thesis. Prerequisite: Senior standing and HUMN 201. Cr. 3. WE. Capstone Course

While not specifically crosslisted with WMST, the following courses are highly recommended and count as WMST elective courses:

FCST 323: Family Sexuality
Concepts of developmental sexuality with emphasis on preparation for meeting responsibilities for sex education within the family. Notes: Open to non-majors. No duplicate credit for NUFS 323 and FACS 323. Prerequisites: Junior standing or permission of department head. Cr. 3
HIST 321: History of Manhood in America
Social construction of manhood in the U.S. from colonial times to the present. Issues include politics, race, work, family, war, violence, sports, drinking, religion, and the role of media and popular culture in constructing masculine identities. Prerequisites: HIST 201 or HIST 202. Cr. 3
PSYC 440: Psychology of Gender
Examination of research on gender and gender stereotypes. No duplicate credit for PSYC 440 and PSYC 540. Prerequisites: 6 sem. hrs. in psychology. Cr. 3
THEA 347: Special Topics in Women in the Arts
Interdisciplinary study in dance, drama, music, media, rhetoric and/or performance. Includes creative process, historic and cultural milieu, and gender critical theories. Lectures, discussion, directed reading, and independent research. Prerequisites: WMST 201 or permission of instructor. Cr. 3