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McNeese Arts Brief

McNeese Arts Brief

Art Work: "The Alchemist's Kitchen
"The Alchemist's Kitchen" by Heather Ryan Kelley

(February 17, 2016) Heather Ryan Kelley, a professor of art at McNeese State University, currently has a solo exhibition titled “Lacuna” on display at the Baton Rouge Gallery. The exhibition, which includes 16 oil-on-canvas paintings, is on display through Feb. 25.

Kelley said her exhibit “explores ways a viewer perceives the space created in a painting. A painting can function as an illusionistic window into deep space.”
Frames, windows, mirrors, curtains, paintings of paintings and surface fragments are among the subjects Kelley has chosen to examine.

Kelley also has an exhibition on view through April at the 1910 Fire Restaurant in Lake Charles.