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Argos Reporting Tool Access Request Form

Argos Reporting Tool Access Request Form

Argos Reporting Tool Access Form

All applicable fields in these forms must be filled out for each applicant requesting access to any part of the ARGOS system. This form must be signed by the applicant and the applicant's supervisor. Any missing signature or missing information will void the access request form. When completed and signed, the form must be returned to University Computing Services. This form is a comprehensive request form; any existing security access not checked will be removed.

Applicant Information
Required Signatures
Applicant Signature

*If you are asking for access to a specific departments reports and you do not work in that department, then an approval signature from the requested departmental director/head must be entered here.
Approval Printed Name Supervisor, Dept. Head, Dean, or Director
Approval Signature Supervisor, Dept. Head, Dean, or Director
Check the box next to the type of ARGOS user that you need to be. If 'Administrator' is checked then the VP for Academic Affairs signature is required, if 'Data Designer' is checked then a VP of above signature is required.

Complete, print, and return completed form to:

McNeese State University
University Computing Services
Box 91575
Lake Charles, LA 70609
Fax: (337) 475-5118

If you have any questions, please call (337) 475-5185 of (800) 622-3352 extension 5185.