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Holbrook Ranch Computing Center

Holbrook Ranch Computing Center

Holbrook Lab

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Thursday 7:30AM-12 Midnight
  • Friday 7:30AM-4PM
  • Saturday - Sunday 10AM-12 Midnight

User Conduct Policy*

  • Please be quiet.
  • No food or drink allowed.
  • No viewing of pornography allowed.
  • Do not disturbe others who are working.
    • This lab is for academic use and disturbances to the learning environment will not be tolerated.
* Student Codes of Conduct 3.1, 3.21, 3.29, 3.30


  • 65 Hewlett Packard Computer Workstations (3 of which are designated for persons with disabilities)
  • 3 Hewlett Packard flatbed scanners
  • 3 Hewlett Packard laser printers


  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • My MathLab
  • Respondus LockDown Browser
  • SPSS
  • HP Precision Scan Pro (on computers w/ scanners)


The TASC Lab Supervisor and the McNeese Help Desk are co-located in HRCC (the "Fishbowl") and can be reached 7:45am to 4:30pm @ 475-5995.