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Technical Request Form

Technical Request Form

Holbrook Student Union

Technical Equipment Request Form

Equipment and services are not guaranteed until approved and confirmed to be available.  You will receive a phone call or email from the Student Union & Activities Office confirming or denying your reservation. For more information about Holbrook Student Union technology click here to view the technology page. If you are unsure about your request, contact the Student Union & Activities Office at 337-475-5609 between 7:45am - 4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

All fees for technical equipment must be paid prior to your reservation occurring or no equipment will be issued.
Type of Group/Organization
Are you requesting a consecutive reservation?
Please note that you can only request a consecutive reservation through the following month. For instance, if it is August, you can reserve consecutively through September. In September, you will be able to reserve consecutively through October.
Select a wireless microphone request if it applies
Select a stereo/speaker system request if it applies
Only select a stereo/speaker system if you are requesting to use the equipment to plug in an audio device (laptop, ipod, etc.). You do not need to select a facility's speaker system if you are using it for microphone use only. Microphone usage is included in the room reservation.
Select a lighting request if it applies
Select a projection request if it applies
Recognized Student Organization Fee Schedule
University Department of College Fee Schedule
Outside Entity Fee Schedule
I, the above signed, reserving the above equipment, agree to the following: Sound technicians are the only persons allowed to adjust any levels on sound/PA equipment. All equipment is to be returned timely and in the same condition in which it was issued. If equipment is not disassembled by the agreed date and time, an initial penalty of $50.00 will be charged and an additional $25.00 will recur every hour after the agreed time. I agree to be fully and solely liable for all damages to, or loss, or destruction of, from any and all cases, including, but not limited to accidents, fire, theft, and vandalism. I agree that full replacement costs will be paid, if damages occur, in its entirety within 30 days. I have been given replacement costs for all equipment I am requesting to use. All reservations are subject to the final approval of Student Union & Activities Office Administration.