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Organization Agency Account

Organization Agency Account

Student Organization Agency Accounts

Student organizations that conduct fundraisers or transact any funding on or off campus are required to establish agency accounts with the University for the purpose of depositing, expending, and accounting for funds. These accounts are a free service and serve the same functions as a traditional checking account. In most cases these services can be provided in a 24 hour turnaround time period. Services provided to organizations with agency accounts include:

  • Tax-exempt purchases when applicable
  • Checks cut on behalf of the organization
  • Petty cash reimbursements for organizational expenses incurred
  • Deposits received for the organization

Rules and Regulations
Cash Handling and Cash Collection Regulations

Student Organization Agency Account Paperwork
Use the following forms to establish an agency account or process any financial transactions.  Refer to the Cash Handling Agreement to ensure that your organization's practices are in compliance with University policy.

For questions about agency accounts contact the Student Union & Activities Office at 337-475-5609 or the Associate of Auxiliary Accounting at 337-475-5095.