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Interfraternity Council

Interfraternity Council

IFC Group Picture
2018 IFC Executive Council
Executive Officers
Position Name
President Steven Gros
Vice President of Administration Eric Redler
Vice President of Recruitment Trenton Latiolais
Vice President of Student Relations Breland Cook
SGA Liasion Brice Valentine
Contact Information
Twitter: @ifcmcneese
Instagram: @mcneese_ifc

Member Organizations

To contact any of our IFC Greek organizations directly see the contact list
Order of Omega

Top 5 Fraternity Myths

  1. "Hazing is a fact of fraternity life." Fraternities are required to sign oaths promising not to haze and face severe civil and criminal penalties if they are found to have violated those oaths.
  2. "Being in a fraternity means I am buying my friends." You will have to pay whether you live in a residence hall or apartment; fraternity's houses are no different in that respect. Fraternities are the only ones offering the benefits of brotherhood, alumni connections, and leadership.
  3. "Fraternities don't value scholarship, good students aren't in frats." Strong scholarship is a pillar of Greek Life and all fraternities are required to develop policies, practices, and demonstrate a commitment to academics.
  4. "I saw Animal House and GRΣΣK some of that stuff has to be true." With over 400,000 Greek men currently enrolled in the United States there is going to be all ranges of what is accepted and what is actual behavior. McNeese Greek men are working hard to break stereotypes and serve as leaders on campus.
  5. "All I ever see about Frats in negative." Many of the positive things like philanthropy and community service never make it onto television, but the negative things do. Highway clean-ups, painting schools, and serving as mentors just aren't as sexy as negative stories and they overshadow the many positive things Greeks are doing in their communities.

Spring Recruitment January 28-February 1, 2019

Each spring our five IFC fraternities hold multiple events as part of their recruitment process. These events offer interested men the opportunity to learn more about fraternity life at McNeese. All events are open and participation in them is encouraged. Please remember, membership in a fraternity is voluntary and is the result of mutual selection. 

Interfraternity Council
MSU Box 92549
Lake Charles, LA 70609
(337)475-5609; fax (337)475-5608