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Organization Information Form

Organization Information Form

Student Organization Registration Form

Please submit the following information to register your organization for the 2016-2017 school year.  Organizations who fail to comply by September 30, 2016 before 4:00 pm may forfeit those rights and privileges that are granted to student organizations in good standing. Cutoff dates for newly formed organization are as follows: November 4, 2016 (fall 16) and April 7, 2016 (spring16).

To be completely registered you must also submit:
  1. Organization Roster (upload here)
  2. Constitution (upload here if updated or not previously on file in the Student Union & Activities Office)
  3. Hazing Policy Oath
  4. Cash Handling Agreement

Organization' Status
Organizations without their own McNeese P.O. Box must use their faculty/staff advisor's departmental P.O. Box. Due to associated costs, the Student Union & Activities Office will no longer mail organization notifications to off campus addresses.
Must have a 2.0 or higher overall grade point average.
Must have a 2.0 or higher overall grade point average.
The position does not matter. This is to receive a third student contact.
The Advisor listed has agreed to his or her status as your organization's Advisor for the 2016-2017 school year.
This is a requirement.
To be acceptable your roster must include the first name, last name, and middle initial or student id# for each for each of your active members. USE THE TEMPLATE ON THE REGISTRATION WEBPAGE AS A GUIDE.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf html pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml.
Required for all new and reactivating organizations or any retuning organizations with an updated constitution.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf html pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml.
Does your organization have a national or international headquarters?
Select yes, to confirm you are aware of the fall and spring semester leadership workshop attendance requirement and will arrange for one member to attend.
Each McNeese student organization is required to send one member to 1 of the 2 leadership workshops scheduled in the fall and spring semesters. Dates, times and locations are available online. For more information about the leadership workshops visit .
i.e. additional advisor(s) and contact information, other group/member information that needs to be listed...
By signing digitally, you understand that any changes to this information must be reported to the Student Union & Activities Office within 10 days of the changes occurring. You also attest that the listed Advisor has approved your organization's officers and his/her role.