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17th Annual Homecoming Step Show Application

17th Annual Homecoming Step Show Application

McNeese National Pan-Hellenic Council

17th Annual Homecoming Step Show
Friday, October 20, 2017


The National Pan-Hellenic Council at McNeese State University is hosting its 17th Annual Homecoming Step Show:  on October 20, 2017 in the MSU Recreational Complex. The council is extending an invitation to all Greek organizations of the Divine 9 who would like participate in the show. Each year, the step show draws many alumni members whom are Greek along with those from other schools to come out and support their respective organizations. Any Greek organizations participating in the show are eligible to win cash prizes, including first, second, and third place trophies. 

If your organization is interested in competing in the step show, the entry fee is $75. The deadline to submit an application for your team to be in the step show is Friday, October 6, 2017; we will not accept any applications after the deadline. The entry fee is due at the completion of the step show application. Any organization who signed up and wishes to withdraw, will not receive a refund. At the completion of the step show application, we have attached a step show packet including the rules and guidelines.

Devonte’ Aaron, NPHC President- (337) 707-8134 -
Ryan M Preatto, NPHC Advisor - (337) 475-5295 - 


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Please include in the list the person who will be working your music, if applicable. Only steppers and one music assistant will be allowed at no charge. Persons in brief skits WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE SHOW FOR FREE.
Step Show Agreement: By digitally signing below, and by submitting this form, you are agreeing, as a team representative, to all rules and conditions herein and that they will be adhered to by each team member. Failure to comply with any portion of the aforementioned may result in team disqualification or point deductions; as to be determined by the McNeese administration, step show chair, co-chair, and judges. The rules and regulations of this application are final. There will be NO Exceptions!