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Cash Handling Agreement

Cash Handling Agreement

Student Organization Fundraising/ Cash Handling Procedures

(Read the following, then complete the digital signature below.  It is recommended that you print this page for your records.)

Organizations/departments that collect funds on campus must follow this procedure.  The policy was created to maintain safety and integrity with regards to cash handling on the University's campus.  Those individuals not compliant with the mandated cash handling procedures will be subject to disciplinary action and the organization may be removed from campus.  Collection of organization dues and/or donations also falls subject to cash handling procedures.   As a recognized student organization any act associated with the organization that breaks the student code of conduct or any other university policy, both on and off campus, is subject to investigation by the University and may result in disciplinary action.

Step 1: Create an organization agency account.  Paperwork for creating an account is located online at
Step 2:  Complete the University's Special Event Request Form which requires signatures of individuals authorizing your fundraising event to take place. (This step is not necessary for the collection of dues or donations received outside of a scheduled program or fundraiser on campus.)


Step 3:  Request a deposit bag from the Student Union & Activities Office or the Cashier's window in Smith Hall. 
The deposit bag is able to be sealed.  You will be issued a key to lock and unlock the bag as necessary.
Step 4: Once your program/ fundraiser is completed for the day, have at least two group members count proceeds and complete the cash count form and deposit form (located at website previously listed).  Have both members that counted sign the bottom of each form.
Step 5:  Place the proceeds, the deposit form, and cash count form in the cash bag and seal/lock it.
Step 6:  Contact University Police at 337-475-5711 and request an officer to pick up your cash bag.  The officer will log the pickup and bring your cash bag to Smith Hall for you.  If after University business hours, your cash bag may be held at the University Police station until operating hours resume. No one is to transport money to the Cashier's Window or off-campus.

TRACK II (Recommended)

Step 3: Once your program/ fundraiser is completed for the day, have at least two group members count proceeds and complete the  cash count form and deposit form (located at website previously listed).  Have both members that counted sign the bottom of each form.
Step 4:  Submit collected funds to the Student Union & Activities Office (during business hours only).  You still must complete the deposit and cash count forms after funds are counted by two or more members.  You will receive a receipt indicating how much money was turned in.  Student Union & Activities Office staff will deliver your deposit or turn your cash bag over to University Police with the office's daily deposit.


  • If a deposit is made daily, you must pick up a cash bag daily
  • Collection of organization dues and/or donations also falls under these procedures.
    • Purchase a receipt book for your organization and issue receipts to members when dues are paid.
  • If fundraising will take place several days this procedure must occur daily including weekends.  Collected proceeds should never be held overnight or throughout the week.  Doing so is a violation of the Cash Handling Policy.
  • Keep good financial records of deposits.  You should always make a copy of the deposit form and cash count form submitted and receive a confirmation print out of the deposit from Smith Hall (when possible).
  • Implement internal control (checks and balances) within your organization to reconcile transactions: numbered receipts, numbered tickets, etc.
  • Advisors should always be aware of any cash collection by your organizations and should check accounts frequently to ensure deposit have been made timely.
  • Advisors should periodically print out account statements to present to officers and members.  This allows for additional eyes on financial information and makes the responsible persons more accountable.
  • Read your Student Organizations Handbook: It includes sections about financial responsibility and fundraising.  This will help you avoid mishandling of your organization's funds.
  • For an in depth explanation of University Cash Handling Procedures visit
  • Helpful Contacts:
  • Kedrick Nicholas, Director ofCampus Life & Engagement (337)475-5610;
  • Michelle Erickson, Assistant Comptroller (337)475-5016;
  • Victoria Roach, Internal Auditor, (337)475-5590;

Cash Handling Agreement
My advisor has read a copy of the cash handling procedures for student organizations.
It is required that your advisor is aware of the student organization cash handling procedures.
By digitally signing I agree to the following: I will not allow, or participate in improper cash handling/ fundraising in any manner whatsoever. I have received a copy of the Student Organization Fundraising/Cash Handling policy concerning the management of organization funds and have had an opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the policy. I have also been notified that lists the in depth explanation of cash handling procedures and I have had the opportunity to review this information as well. I acknowledge that if mismanagement of funds according to the policy should occur, I will report such incident to the Associate Vice President for University Services and/or Director of Student Union & Activities. I acknowledge that any violation of the McNeese State University Accounting Policies (including cash handling/fundraising) will result in disciplinary action and may result in expulsion from the university.