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Strategic Planning

We Change Lives

At the August 2011 faculty-staff retreat, Dr. Williams launched McNeese State University’s strategic planning process. This process, grounded by twelve questions, will draw on input from the widest possible range of McNeese stakeholders-alumni, faculty, members of the Lake Charles and Calcasieu community, staff, and of course, our students. Input from these groups will help Dr. Williams shape the long-term vision and mission of McNeese State University.

Strategic Planning Questions

  1. What is your first thought when you hear the name “McNeese’?
  2. What do you love most about McNeese?
  3. Whether you love it or not, what do you believe is McNeese’s greatest strength?
  4. What is McNeese’s most glaring area for improvement?
  5. What opportunities should McNeese seize within the next five years?
  6. Is there anything about McNeese that is so fundamental that we should protect it against change?
  7. What threats should McNeese be guarding against over the next five years?
  8. What could McNeese do to improve student learning?
  9. What should McNeese be doing to increase enrollment and retention?
  10. If you could identify one aspect of the McNeese experience that “brands” us as distinct from other institutions, what would it be?
  11. If McNeese could engage in just one activity that would excite you into wanting to contribute more of your time and/or resources, what would that activity be?
  12. What ideas do you have about improving McNeese that have not already been mentioned?

Strategic Planning Meetings

Throughout the academic year, Dr. Williams and his staff will be hosting numerous meetings-on-campus, in Lake Charles, throughout the five-parish region, Lafayette and Houston-to solicit responses to these questions. In the upcoming weeks, you will be able to check back to this site to find out the dates and locations of meetings, follow up on responses to any one of the twelve questions, and see how others have responded.

Web Survey

As Dr. Williams remarks in his January 23rd blog entry, we have begun the analysis phase of this process. As such, the web survey has been closed. However, if you feel you have something new to add to the discussion, please contact Dr. Williams with your ideas.

Remaining Sessions
Building/Group Date Time Location
Community 11/17/11 5:00 PM Stokes Auditorium – Hardtner Hall, McNeese
Houston 12/2/11 6:00 PM Chase Bank – Downtown Houston – 707 Travis Street
Cameron 12/5/11 4:30 PM South Cameron High School Cafeteria, 753 Oak Grove Hwy – Grand Chenier
General Session 12/10/11 10:00 AM Stokes Auditorium – Hardtner Hall, McNeese
Administrative Council/General 12/12/11 10:00 AM La Jeunesse Room, Old Ranch, McNeese
DeRidder 1/12/12 5:30 PM Cecil’s Cajun Cafe, 120 East 1st Street DeRidder, LA 70634
Lafayette 1/19/12 5:30 PM Petroleum Club of Lafayette – 111 Heymann Blvd.
Kinder date and location to be confirmed soon, please check back.

Previous Sessions
Building/Group Date Time Location Group
Alumni Board 9/8/11 5:30 PM Stream Alumni Center Alumni Board
BBC 9/20/11 3:00 PM BBC 121 Building Meeting
Kaufman 9/23/11 1:30 PM Kauf 232 Building Meeting
Gayle 9/23/11 3:00 PM Gayle Auditorium Building Meeting
General Faculty/Staff 9/29/11 4:30 PM Stokes Auditorium General Session
Library 10/4/11 3:00 PM McNeese Room Building Meeting
Jennings 10/4/11 5:30 PM The Grand Marais Community
SFA 10/7/11 1:30 PM SFAA 207 Building Meeting
Kirkman 10/7/11 3:00 PM Kirk 107 Building Meeting
Athletic Supporters 10/10/11 5:00 PM Field House – Upstairs Athletics
General Alumni & Donors 10/11/11 5:30 PM Stokes Auditorium Various
Farrar 10/13/11 1:30 PM Curriculum Materials Center Building Meeting
Hardtner 10/13/11 3:00 PM Hardt 303 Building Meeting
Frasch 10/14/11 1:30 PM Frasch 101 Building Meeting
Drew 10/14/11 3:00 PM Drew 117 Building Meeting
Doland Field House 11/1/11 11:00 AM Doland Fld House Building Meeting
Smith Hall 11/1/11 3:00 PM BBC 121 Building Meeting
Memorial Gym 11/2/11 10:00 AM Memorial Gym Building Meeting
Hodges Field House 11/3/11 11:00 AM Hodges Fld House Building Meeting
11/3/11 3:00 PM BBC 121 Building Meeting
Student Session 11/8/11 Noon  Le Jeuneese Students
Enr Mgmt and
Student Services
11/8/11 3:00 PM Parra Ballroom Building Meeting
Sulphur 11/8/11 5:30 PM City of Sulphur, Council Chambers,
500 N. Huntington St.
Foundation Board 11/10/11 5:00 PM Alumni Center Foundation Board
Business/Political Leaders 11/14/11 5:30 PM Alliance – 1st Floor Community