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Graduate Field Experience Data Collection Form

Graduate Field Experience Data Collection Form

This form is for graduate-level field experiences in the Master of Education or Education Specialist programs only.

Instructions: Using the data you collected during a field experience, record the appropriate data from your experience on this form.

Please print a copy of this data form for your records once you have completed it.

Once you have completed and printed the form, click Submit.

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Enter the duration of this field experience for each of the following activities.
Note: You must enter a value for each subject in hours. Use .25, .5, and .75 to indicate 15-, 30-, and 45-minute intervals, respectively. Enter a zero for activities not included in this field experience. Use numbers only--not text.
Check all your responses, especially those in drop-down lists, to ensure that they are accurate.
If you print a copy of this form, remember to click Submit AFTER your copy is printed.