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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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The Department of Social Sciences, in collaboration with the Dore' School of Graduate Studies and Extended Education, offers a program leading to a degree of Master of Science in criminal justice with a focus in justice administration. This program offers broad training in the field of criminal justice with a focus upon police, court, and correctional administration. The program is offered online exclusively.

Prospective Students
Students pursuing the Master of Science in criminal justice should have credentials or experience in criminal justice or an allied field. Individuals with credentials and/or experience in law enforcement, judicial systems, or corrections who are interested in administrative roles are strong candidates for admission to the program.

Trends and Projections for Careers in Criminal Justice
CareerOneStop, a service provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, provides past trends and future projections for the American workforce. Use the following links to explore specific careers in criminal justice to help you determine what path is best for you.

Salary and Benefits

Employment Trends

Occupation Profiles

The following presents estimated, minimum itemized program costs based on Spring 2013 in-state tuition and fees. These figures are only estimates of the per-semester and total program costs, based upon the number of credit hours in which a student enrolls.

Expense 3 credit hours per semester 6 credit hours per semester 9 credit hours per semester
Tuition and fees $873 $1,576 $2,733
Textbooks $150 $300 $450
Electronic Learning Fee $60 $120 $180
Total (per semester) $1,083 $1,996 $3,363
Total program
(based on number of credits earned each semester)
$12,996 $11,976 $13,452

Course Offerings
Each student, once admitted to the program, will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist him/her in determining an appropriate course sequence and load each semester. In general, courses are offered on a rotating basis, and academic advisors will assist students in enrolling in courses in both timely and appropriate sequences. Explore the current offerings.

The 36-hour curriculum consists of 15 hours of core courses and 21 hours of elective courses.

Core Courses
CJUS 601: Police Justice Administration
CJUS 602: Court Justice Administration
CJUS 603: Correctional Justice Administration
CJUS 604: Research Methods
CJUS 605: Criminological Theory

Elective Courses
Students will complete 21 additional semester hours of criminal justice elective hours, at least three of which (one course) must be at the 600-level. A total of 9 semester hours of graduate coursework in allied disciplines in the behavioral and social sciences disciplines may be applied to the 21 semester hours of coursework required.
Independent research courses at the graduate level may be applied as required elective credits. Graduate level coursework in other relevant disciplines may be accepted as transfer credit hours and applied toward the required elective credits where the course focus is relevant and appropriate. A maximum total of 9 credit hours may be accepted for transfer credit hours whether at the 500 and/or 600 level.

Program Admission
Once admitted to the Dore' School of Graduate Studies, applicants must seek formal admission to the program before being eligible to enroll in courses.

To be admitted to the program, applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
Only complete applications are accepted, and applicants must ensure that their applications are complete when submitted. Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged or considered.
Complete applications will be reviewed by a screening committee. Applicants will be notified of the committee's decision. Typically, this notification will be sent within four-to-six weeks after the complete application is received.

Instructions to apply for program admission are provided to applicants once they are admitted to the Dore' School of Graduate Studies.

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