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David A. Armstrong, PhD

David A. Armstrong, PhD

Dr. David A. Armstrong

Office:   Room 107-K, Kaufman Hall
Office Phone:  337-475-5301

Dr. Armstrong earned his Bachelor of Science and his Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Management and Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma.  He then obtained a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville Texas where he worked with the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.   Dr. Armstrong regularly teaches the Introduction to Criminal Justice class, the Police & Policing class and each semester teaches an upper-level seminar.  Recent offerings have included topics such as Serial Killers, Issues in Self Defense, Emergency Preparedness, Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment, and Sex Crimes.   He has also taught in the areas of Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Social Science Research, and Organizational Management.   

Dr. Armstrong is a retired law enforcement officer and court recognized expert witness in firearms use, police tactics and training, and DUI detection and apprehension. He is the former Louisiana State Director for the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, served as the faculty sponsor for the  McNeese State University chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus and was the depatment coordinator/advisor  for Paralegal Studies.

Some of Dr. Armstrong's publications and presentations of note include:
  • "DWI Detection and Apprehension Programs:  Panacea or Problem?"  Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice.  October 2012. 
  • "Law Enforcement Officer Preferences for PTSD Treatment and Crisis Management Alternatives." (with C.B. Becker, G.E. Meyer, M.M. Graham, J.S. Price, A. Arsena, and E. Ramon). March 2009.  Behavior Research and Therapy Journal.  
  • "Evaluating Gun-Violence Reduction Programs in North Texas:  A Four-Year Study."  Southwest Association of Criminal Justice. September 2006.   (with O. Elmer Polk)
  • "Utilizing Research to Enhance Police Training Programs:  A Look at What We Can Learn From Deadly Force and Other Incidents."  Southwest Association of Criminal Justice.  September 2005. (with O. Elmer Polk)
  • "Use of Force by Southern Police Officers:  A Two-State Study."  Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.  March 2004. (with O. Elmer Polk and Joseph P. Rodriquez III)
  • "Redneck Cops Revisited:  Southern Police Officers and Perspectives on the Use of Force."  Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice.  October 2003.  (with O. Elmer Polk and Joseph P. Rodriquez III) 
  • "College for Cops:  The Fast Track for Success"  The Law Enforcement Trainer.  September/October 2002. (with O. Elmer Polk)
  • "Higher Education and Law Enforcement Career Paths: Is the Road to Success Paved by Degree?"  The Journal of Criminal Justice Education.  Spring 2001. (with O. Elmer Polk)
  • "Historical Analysis of the Role of Higher Education in Law Enforcement and Its Impact on Police Performance and Career Paths."  The Journal of Community Policing.  Autumn 1999. (with O. Elmer Polk)
  • "Police Firearms:  History."  The Encyclopedia of Police Science.  1995.  William G. Bailey, editor.  Garland Publishing:  New York. (with Gregory B. Morrison)