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Reporting Options

Reporting Options

Who do I report incidences of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking to?

1) You can make a report to the Title IX Coordinator on campus (Michael Snowden, 475-5428). The Title IX coordinator will conduct an investigation regardless of whether or not you decide to report the incident to the police.

2) You may choose to pursue action through the campus judicial system if the offense was committed by another student. University Services (475-5706) is available to advise students of their rights under the Code of Student Conduct.

3) You may choose to report the incident to the police. University Police can be contacted at 337-475-5711.

4) You may seek assistance through the on-campus Counseling Center. Incidents reported to the Counseling Center will remain COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Mental health counselors on campus are considered excempt under CLERY standards. 

5) There are HUNDREDS of faculty and staff on campus who are considered mandated reporters (CSA's) under CLERY standards and therefore would be required to report any instances of sexual assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, or other sexual violence to Univeristy Police and the Title IX Coordinator. Mental Health Counselors and Pastoral counselors are the only individuals on campus who are considered excempt. 

vawa incoming studentsHere is a 2 page PDF handout on important definitions, resources, and reporting options for sexual violence, interpsonal violence, & stalking.