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Non-Resident/Out of State Students

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Residence status is determined by the Office of Admissions and Recruiting after the completed application for admission has been submitted.  
Detailed information on residency qualifications/exceptions

Non Resident/Out-of-State Fee Waivers
Graduate Assistants and athletic scholarship recipients may receive a non resident fee waiver.

A student granted a waiver is expected to make steady progress toward a degree. Appeals may be reviewed by the appropriate committee.

First-time students will be considered for the McNeese Access Award through the online application for admission and scholarships.  

The Scholarships Office will notify eligible students of their award status. 

(US Citizens/Permanent Residents)
McNeese Access AwardStudents with less than 12 hours of college work


  • ACT 21 or SAT 1060
  • 2.25 high school GPA or above
  • Readiness for college-level English and math
  • Out-of-state resident
$2,500 per semesterAwarded to qualified students who are not residents of Louisiana
Students with 12  or more hours of college work


  • 2.5 overall collegiate GPA
  • Readiness for college-level English and math
McNeese Special Achievement Award
  • 2.5 high school GPA


  • 2.5 collegiate GPA on at least 24 hours of college work
  • High achievement in performance area
  • Participation in the following activity
$2,500 per semesterAwarded to qualified students who are not Louisiana residents, such as those with high achievement in debate, visual arts or dance, music or theater performance; cheerleaders; flag corps; spirit groups; and the Student Government Association president