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Non-Resident/Out of State Students

Non-Resident/Out of State Students

Residence status is determined by the Office of Admissions and Recruiting after the completed application for admission has been submitted.  
Detailed information on residency qualifications/exceptions

Non Resident/Out-of-State Fee Waivers
Graduate Assistants and athletic scholarship recipients may receive a non resident fee waiver.

A student granted a waiver is expected to make steady progress toward a degree. Appeals may be reviewed by the appropriate committee.

Students wishing to be considered for the Special Achievement Award should complete the Special Achievement Non-Resident/Out of State Waiver application.

First-time students will be considered for the McNeese Access Award through the online application for admission and scholarships.  
The Scholarships Office will notify eligible students of their award status. 
Out-of-State Fee Waiver Awards
Award Requirements
(US Citizens/Permanent Residents)
Value Description
McNeese Access Award Students with less than 12 hours of college work

  • ACT 21 or SAT 1060
  • 2.25 high school GPA or above
  • Readiness for college-level English and math
  • Out-of-state resident
$2,500 per semester Awarded to qualified students who are not residents of Louisiana
Students with 12  or more hours of college work

  • 2.5 overall collegiate GPA
  • Readiness for college-level English and math
McNeese Special Achievement Award
  • 2.5 high school GPA


  • 2.5 collegiate GPA on at least 24 hours of college work
  • High achievement in performance area
  • Participation in the following activity
$2,500 per semester Awarded to qualified students who are not Louisiana residents, such as those with high achievement in debate, visual arts or dance, music or theater performance; cheerleaders; flag corps; spirit groups; and the Student Government Association president