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Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to qualified full-time students who remain in good standing. When making scholarship awards to incoming freshmen, university selection committees use standardized test scores, high school grade point average and class standing, and courses completed as the basis for initial consideration. For transfer and continuing students, cumulative collegiate grade point average is the primary basis for award. Secondary factors in selection for all awards include: extracurricular participation, leadership positions held, and honors/awards received.

Academic scholarships may be used to pay for educational expenses and range from $100 to $3200 per semester. Students may apply for academic scholarships by completing the McNeese Academic Scholarship Application found in the application packet or you may download the application. The priority deadline for scholarship applications is December 1 for the upcoming academic year.

Academic Departmental Scholarships

While the majority of academic scholarships are awarded through the Scholarships Office, some academic departments may also select or make recommendations for scholarships. Some departmental scholarships may be available to incoming freshmen, but most of these awards are for upper class students. Students planning to study Engineering, Accounting/Finance, or Family and Consumer Sciences may wish to contact the department regarding scholarship opportunities.