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Important Information

Important Information

Identification Cards

All McNeese students are required to have a photo identification card which also serves as the student's library card. New students without McNeese identification cards should report to University Police after paying tuition and fees. The University Police office will be open the same hours as fee collection. There is no charge for the initial identification card. There is a $10 charge for replacement cards.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked on the McNeese campus must be registered with University Police. Students who do not have a parking sticker must register their vehicle and obtain a parking sticker. After paying fees, take your vehicle registration certificate to register a vehicle and obtain a parking sticker. Vehicle registration will be done at the University Police office during the same hours as fee collection. There is a charge for each additional vehicle registered.

Parking stickers provide the sole source of revenue to maintain and enhance parking, lighting and security related costs associated with parking on campus. The Student Parking Garage is funded through a separate parking assessment fee, which still requires a student parking permit to use. Parking registration information is maintained by the University Police and allows the police to contact a registered vehicle operator by phone, or cell if a vehicle is found damaged or victimized while parked on campus. 

Enrolled Students are entitled to the Following Services

  • Student Health Center Services
  • Ability to Purchase Accidental & Health Insurance
  • Open Access Computer Labs
  • Admission to All Athletic Events
  • Admission to McNeese Theatre Productions
  • Admission to the Recreation Complex
  • Admission to McNeese Rodeos
  • Admission to Banners Series Events
  • Participation in Student Government and Student Union Board Functions

Key Campus Services

For information regarding the following services, contact the offices listed below during normal business hours.
Contact Information
Office Phone
Career & Student Development Center 475-5612
Counseling Center 475-5136
Dining 475-5498
Frazer Memorial Library 475-5725
Health Services (Watkins Infirmary) 475-5102
Help Desk (Moodle or E-mail) 475-5995
Housing 475-5606
Lost and Found 475-5706
Recreational Complex 475-5371
Services for Students with Disabilities 475-5916
Student Employment 475-5102
University Bookstore 475-5494
University Police 475-5711
University Services 475-5706