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Part II: Institutional Summary Form

Part II: Institutional Summary Form

Part II:
The Institutional Summary Form

Prepared for Commission Reviews

General Information
Name of Institution: McNeese State University

Name, Title, Phone number, and email address of Accreditation Liaison:

Tom Dvorske, Ph.D.
Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Support
(337) 475-5512

Name, title, Phone number, and email address of Technical Support person for the Compliance Certification:

Andrew Mapley
Webmaster/Security Analyst
(337) 475-5190

Submission date of this completed document: March 25, 2013

Educational Programs
1.  Level of offerings (Check all that apply)

Disabled CheckboxDiploma or certificate program(s) requiring less than one year beyond Grade 12
Disabled CheckboxDiploma or certificate program(s) of at least two but fewer than four years of work beyond Grade 12
Enabled CheckboxAssociate degree program(s) requiring a minimum of 60 semester hours or the equivalent designed for transfer to a baccalaureate institution
Disabled CheckboxAssociate degree program(s) requiring a minimum of 60 semester hours or the equivalent not designed for transfer
Enabled CheckboxFour or five-year baccalaureate degree program(s) requiring a minimum of 120 semester hours or the equivalent
Enabled CheckboxProfessional degree program(s)
Enabled CheckboxMaster's degree program(s)
Enabled CheckboxWork beyond the master's level but not at the doctoral level (such as Specialist in Education)
Disabled CheckboxDoctoral degree program(s)
Disabled CheckboxOther (Specify)      
2.   Types of Undergraduate Programs (Check all that apply)        
Disabled CheckboxOccupational certificate or diploma program(s)
Disabled CheckboxOccupational degree program(s)
Enabled CheckboxTwo-year programs designed for transfer to a baccalaureate institution
Enabled CheckboxLiberal Arts and General
Enabled CheckboxTeacher Preparatory
Disabled CheckboxProfessional
Disabled CheckboxOther (Specify)____________

Governance Control
Check the appropriate governance control for the institution:

Disabled CheckboxPrivate (check one)
Disabled CheckboxIndependent, not-for-profit
Name of corporation OR
Name of religious affiliation and control: ____________ 
Disabled Checkbox Independent, for-profit *
If publicly traded, name of parent company: ____________     
 Enabled CheckboxPublic state * (check one)
Disabled CheckboxNot part of a state system, institution has own independent board
Enabled CheckboxPart of a state system, system board serves as governing board
Disabled CheckboxPart of a state system, system board is super governing board, local governing board has delegated authority
Disabled Checkbox Part of a state system, institution has own independent board
In Louisiana, the Board of Regents, created by the 1974 Louisiana Constitution, coordinates all public higher education through statewide academic planning and review, budgeting and performance funding, research, and accountability. The Board sets important statewide standards including minimum admissions requirements, as well as benchmarks and targets for the GRAD Act-Louisiana's signature higher education reform policy. The Board of Regents represents the public higher education community before all branches of government and the public and maintains close contact with student interests through the Council of Student Body Presidents. The 15 volunteer members of the Board of Regents are appointed by the Governor to six-year, overlapping terms, with at least one (but not more than two) Regents drawn from each of Louisiana's seven Congressional districts.  In addition, the Louisiana Council of Student Body Presidents appoints one student member as its representative on the board.  Policies and decisions of the Board of Regents are administered by a full-time staff headed by the Commissioner of Higher Education.

McNeese State University is also a member of the University of Louisiana System.  The system governs nine higher education institutions within the state of Louisiana and is composed of members of the Board of Supervisors appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. Each member serves staggered terms of six years, except the student member who serves a one-year term. Annually, the Board elects a chair and vice-chair from its membership.  The Board of Supervisors employs a full- time staff whose responsibility, under the supervision of a President, is to execute and enforce all decisions, orders, rules and regulations of the Board with respect to the conduct of the System.  The Board of Supervisors is mandated to exercise all power to direct, control, supervise and manage the institution of higher learning under its control, including but not limited to the following:
  • Select the Presidents of System institutions
  • Receive and expend or allocate for expenditure to the System institutions all monies appropriated or otherwise made available for the purpose of the Board and universities
  • Determine the fees which shall be paid by students
  • Purchase land and purchase or construct buildings necessary for the use of the universities within the System
  • Formulate curricula and programs of study
  • Adopt, amend and repeal rules and regulations necessary for the business of the Board, for the governance of the System colleges and universities and for the governance and discipline of students
  • Lease land or other property belonging to it or to any college or university within the System, as well as, sell or exchange land or other property not needed for university purposes
  • Actively seek and accept donations, bequests, or other forms of financial assistance for educational purposes
Institutional Information for Reviewers
1History and Characteristics
McNeese State University, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, was found in 1938 as the Lake Charles Junior College, a division of Louisiana State University. The opening session of the college began on September 11, 1939. The following fall, the school changed its name to John McNeese Junior College to honor John McNeese, a renowned Southwest Louisiana educator and the first superintendent of schools in Imperial Calcasieu Parish. In 1950 McNeese became a four-year college in its own right and came under the authority of the Louisiana Board of Education. Finally, in 1970, McNeese State University became the official name of the school. McNeese achieved Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges accreditation in 1954 and maintains its regional accreditation status as a Level IV institution authorized to award associate, bachelor, master, and specialist degrees.
Current Mission: In fall 2012, McNeese adopted a new mission developed by the Board of Regents consistent with its legislative mandate (see p. 4).  Our mission identifies McNeese as primarily a teaching institution designated to provide the following:
  1. educational programs, in liberal arts, education, engineering, business, nursing, selected allied health, mass communication and criminal justice as well as select graduate programs in these same areas;
  2. services designed to meet the needs of regional economic development;
  3. cultural activities and public events for the regional arts community and K-12 education.
Geographic Service Area and Student Population: As a regional, mission-driven institution, McNeese State University primarily serves the population of southwest Louisiana, which consists of Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jeff Davis parishes. Located approximately 2 ½ hours east of Houston, Texas and one-hour west of Lafayette, Louisiana along the 1-10 corridor, McNeese's home of Lake Charles (in Calcacsieu Parish) includes deep and shallow water ports (the 11th-largest port in the nation) and combines both industrial and agricultural production. The McNeese campus consists of 88 buildings on 502 acres of land, and McNeese operates three farms and a meat processing facility in Lacassine, Louisiana. Our academic programs, services, and facilities grow out of and support these leading area industries. Nearly 90% of our student population comes from the five-parish areas.  Demographic data as of fall 2012 shows the following:
  • Total enrollment: 8,588
  • Percentage part-time students: 25.2%
  • Percentage graduate students: 10.2%
  • Percentage minorities: 26.3%
  • Percentage women: 62.2%
  • Percentage 25-older: 26.4%
Distinctive features of the institution: In our mission statement, McNeese identifies five areas of special programs and features. These are
  • Programs in innovation, entrepreneurship, and small business development supported by the Southwest Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Center.
  • Agricultural and related sciences with opportunities for experiential learning at three working farms and the Center for Advancement of Meat Processing and Production.
  • Custom academic programs and professional certifications integrated with area business and industry.
  • Applied undergraduate research partnerships in engineering, sciences, allied health and the Louisiana Environmental Research Center.
  • Cultural events are designed to connect McNeese with the regional arts community and K-12 education.
Beyond its offerings, the McNeese community continues to use three original structures: Kaufman Hall; Ralph O. Ward Memorial Gym (the Arena); and, the Francis G. Bulber Auditorium, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Admissions Policies: McNeese State University uses a selective admissions process in accordance with Louisiana Board of Regents policies for admissions. Effective with the summer 2012 session, first-time freshman who are graduates of Louisiana state-approved public and private high schools must meet the following requirements:
  • Completion of Regents' Core (Core 4 Curriculum - 19 units) AND
  • Need of no more than one developmental course AND
  • Have a minimum high school overall GPA of 2.35 AND
  • Meet at least one of the following:
    • Minimum high school Core GPA of 2.0 OR
    • Minimum ACT composite of 20 (SAT critical reading and math combined scores of 940)
Additional admissions requirements may be found at
2List of Degrees
Graduate numbers based on Board of Regents data for AY 2011-2012, which includes summer 2011.

List of Degrees
Major -- *Concentration/Certification Degree 2010 CIP Code Recent Changes # Graduates
Associate of Arts Degree
Paralegal Studies (A.A.) A.A. 220302 18
Associate of General Studies Degree
General Studies (A.G.S.)
* Arts & Humanities
* Applied & Natural Sciences
* Behavioral Sciences
A.G.S. 240102 49
Associate of Science Degree
Computer Information Technology (A.S.) A.S. 110103 Program closed 5
Engineering Technology (A.S.)
* Electronics
* Instrumentation
* Process Plant
A.S. 150000 19
Associate of Science in Nursing Degree
Nursing (A.S.N.) A.S.N. 513801 28
Bachelor of Arts Degrees
Foreign Languages (B.A.)
* Foreign Language Education
* French
* Latin
* Spanish
* Comparative Literature
B.A. 160101 5
English (B.A.)
* Comparative Literature
* English Education
* Writing
B.A. 230101 18
Liberal Studies (B.A.)
* Geography
* Humanities
* Louisiana Studies
* Philosophy
* Pre-Law
* Religious Studies
* Southeastern American Indian Studies
* Theatre Arts
* Women & Gender Studies
B.A. 240101 16
Government (B.A.)
* Terrorism, Preparedness & Security
B.A. 451001 9
Sociology (B.A.)
* Family & Child Studies
* General Sociology
B.A. 451101 18
Art (B.A.)
* Art Education, K-12
* Ceramics
* Drawing
* Graphic Design
* Painting
* Photography
* Printmaking
B.A. 500701 25
Organizational Leadership (B.A.) B.A. 520213 ULS Consortia Degree, Eff. Fall 2013 0
History (B.A.)
* General History
* Social Studies Education
B.A. 540101 12
Bachelor of General Studies Degree
General Studies (B.G.S.)
* Arts & Humanities
* Applied & Natural Sciences
* Behavioral Sciences
B.G.S. 240102 180
Bachelor of Music Degree
Music (B.M.)
* Performance

* Music Education
B.M. 500903 2
Bachelor of Science Degrees
Agricultural Science (B.S.)
* Agribusiness
* Agricultural Education
* Animal Science
* Equine Science
* General Agriculture
* Pre-Veterinary Medicine
B.S. 010000 40
Natural Resource Conservation Management (B.S.) B.S. 030601 6
Mass Communication (B.S.)
* Journalism
* Public Relations
* Media Production
B.S. 090102 38
Computer Science (B.S.)
* Applied
* General
B.S. 110701 15
Elementary Education-Grades 1-5 (B.S.) B.S. 131202 28
Secondary Education & Teaching, Grades 6-12, (B.S.)
* Business Education
* Chemistry Education
* Environmental Science Education
* Physics Education
B.S. 131205 0
Early Childhood Education-Grades PK-3 (B.S.) B.S. 131210 30
Health and Physical Education, Grades K-12 (B.S.) B.S. 131314 8
Engineering (B.S.)
* Chemical Engineering
* Civil Engineering
* Electrical Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering
B.S. 140101 60
Engineering Technology
* Electronics
* Instrumentation
* Process Plant--Technical Pathway
* Process Plant--Management Pathway
B.S. 150000 13
Biological Science (B.S.)
* Biology Education, Grades 6-12
* Molecular Biology
* Premedicine or Predentistry
B.S. 260101 26
Mathematical Sciences (B.S.)
* Mathematics
* Mathematics Education
* Mathematical Physics
* Statistics
B.S. 270101 3
Nutrition and Food Science (B.S.)
* Dietetics
* Food Technology
* Nutritional Sciences
B.S. 301901 2
Health and Human Performance, General (B.S.)
* Exercise Science
* Health Promotion
* Sports Management
B.S. 310505 28
Chemistry (B.S.)
* Biochemistry
* Forensic Chemistry
* Premedicine
B.S. 400501 7
Psychology (B.S.) B.S. 420101 45
Criminal Justice (B.S.)
* Terrorism, Preparedness and Security
B.S. 430104 57
Radiologic Sciences (B.S.) B.S. 510911 12
Athletic Training (B.S.) B.S. 510913 7
Clinical Laboratory Science (Medical Laboratory Science) (B.S.) B.S. 511005 19
Management (B.S.)
* Entrepreneurship
* Human Resource Management
B.S. 520201 31
General Business Administration (B.S.)
* Construction Management
B.S. 520201 19
Accounting (B.S.)
* Professional Accountancy Exam Prep
* Taxation
B.S. 520301 61
Finance (B.S.)
* Economics
* Financial Analysis
B.S. 520801 23
Marketing (B.S.)
* Entrepreneurship
* Human Resource Management
B.S. 521401 28
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
Nursing (B.S.N.) B.S.N. 513801 131
Master of Arts Degrees
English (M.A.) M.A. 230101 7
Psychology (M.A.)
* Addiction Treatment
* Applied Behavior Analysis
* Counseling Psychology
* General/Experimental
M.A. 420101 15
Master of Arts in Teaching
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 (M.A.T.) M.A.T. 131202 20
Secondary Education, Grades 6-12 (M.A.T.) M.A.T. 131205 20
Master of Business Administration
Business Administration (M.B.A.) M.B.A. 520201 31
Master of Education
Special Education (M.Ed.)
* Advanced Professional
* Autism
* Educational Diagnostician
M.Ed. 131001 1
School Counseling (M.Ed.) M.Ed. 131101 10
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)
* Early Childhood
* Elementary Education
* Reading
* Secondary Education
M.Ed. 130301 8
Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) M.Ed. 130401 27
Educational Technology Leadership (M.Ed.) M.Ed. 139999 10
Master of Engineering
Engineering (M.Eng.)
* Chemical Engineering
* Civil Engineering
* Electrical Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering
M.Eng. 140101 21
Master of Science
Instructional Technology (M.S.) M.S. 130501 10
Mathematical Sciences (M.S.)
* Mathematics
* Computer Science
* Statistics
M.S. 270101 9
Health and Human Performance (M.S.)
* Exercise Physiology
* Health Promotion
* Nutrition and Wellness
M.S. 310505 24
Environmental and Chemical Sciences (M.S.)
* Chemistry
* Environmental Science
* Agricultural Sciences
M.S. 400599 30
Criminal Justice (M.S.)
* Justice Administration
M.S. 430104 Prospectus with SACSCOC, expected implementation Fall 2013 0
Master of Science in Nursing
Nursing (M.S.N.)
* Family Nurse Practitioner
* Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
* Nurse Educator
* Nurse Executive
M.S.N. 513801 18
Education Specialist
Educational Leadership (Ed.S.)
* Educational Leadership
* Educational Technology
Ed.S. 130401 Program Terminated in April 2011 by BOR; Reinstated in Oct 2012 by BOR; Notification to SACSCOC Nov 1, 2012 2
Master of Fine Arts
Creative Writing (M.F.A.) M.F.A. 231302 5
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Special Education Mild/Moderate for Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131001 0
Special Education Mild/Moderate for Secondary Education, Grades 6-12 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131001 0
Special Education Early Intervention: Birth-5 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131015 0
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131202 9
Middle School Education, Grades 4-8 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131203 0
Secondary Education, Grades 6-12 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131205 6
Multiple Levels, Grades K-12 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131206 6
Early Childhood Education, Grades PK-3 (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131210 0
Music Education-Kodály Studies (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131312 0
School Librarian (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 131334 5
Pump Reliability (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 141901 0
Nursing Case Management (P.B.C.) P.B.C. 513802 0
Graduate Certificate
Educational Diagnostician, (G.C.) G.C. 131009 0
Counseling, Grades K-12 (G.C.) G.C. 131101 0
Reading Specialist (G.C.) G.C. 131315 0
Pump Reliability (G.C.) G.C. 141901 0
Post Masters Certificate
Family Nurse Practitioner (P.M.C.) P.M.C. 513805 0
Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (P.M.C.) P.M.C. 513810 0

3.  Off-Site Locations and Distance and Correspondence Education
Off-Site Locations: McNeese State University participates in Louisiana's Early Start Program, which provides opportunities for qualified high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. The Framework for the Louisiana Early Start program is available on the Board of Regents website.  Courses are typically taught at the high school by SACSCOC qualified faculty and course content duplicates on-campus offerings.

McNeese maintains partnerships with twenty-one schools in six parishes, including Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis, and Pointe Coupee, to teach courses in English, history, biology, college algebra, pre-calculus, statistics, psychology, education, engineering, and sociology.

The following table shows Louisiana high schools with which McNeese has arrangements and the courses offered.
(*Note: cv = compressed video; Number preceding course code indicates number of sections taught.)
Louisiana High Schools
Parish/School Fall
Elizabeth Engl 101 Engl 102
Fairview Engl 101 cv
Psyc 101 cv
Engl 102 -not a separate site for Spring 2013. Enrolled w/Elizabeth
Kinder 2-Engl 101
Hist 201cv
Math 113
2-Engl 102
Hist 202 cv
Math 231
Psyc 101
Oakdale Engl 101
Psyc 101 cv
Engl 102
Math 113
Oberlin Engl 101
Psyc 101 cv
Engl 102
Reeves not a separate site. Enrolls w/Kinder Engl 101
Math 113
Engl 102
Math 231
Psyc 101
DeRidder 2 Engl 101
2 Math 113
Educ 204 cv
2 Engl 102
2 Psyc 101
East Beauregard Engl 101 Engl 102
Math 113
Merryville Engl 101 cv Engl 102cv
Singer Engl 101 cv  
South Beauregard Engl 101
Hist 201
Math 113
Engl 102
Hist 202
Math 231
Psyc 101
Barbe Math 113 Math 231
Bell City Engl 101
Math 113
Engl 102
Math 170
DeQuincy Hist 201 cv
Math 113
Hist 202 cv
Math 231
Iowa Engl 101
Math 113
Engl 102
Math 170
LaGrange Math 113  
Sam Houston 3-Math 113
Math 190
Math 113
Math 170
Math 231
Starks not a separate site.  Enrolls w/Vinton Math 113 Math 231
Sulphur 2 Biol 225
Hist 201
3 Math 113
2 Biol 226
Hist 202
3 Math 231
Vinton Math 113
Math 170
Math 175
2 Math 231
Math 190
Washington-Marion Math 113 Math 170
Westlake not a separate site.  Enrolls w/Sam Houston Math 113 Math 113
Math 231
Grand Lake Engl 101
Math 113
Engl 102
Math 170
Bethel Christian not a separate site.  Enrolls w/Jennings. Engl 101
Math 113
Engl 102
Math 170
Elton not a separate site.  Enrolls w/other JD schools. Math 113
Psyc 101 cv
Hathaway Engl 101
Math 113
Psyc 101 cv
Engl 102
Math 170
Jennings Chem 101
Engl 101
Math 113
Psyc 101
Chem 102
Engl 102
Math 170
Psyc 101
Lacassine not a separate site. Enrolls w/other JD schools. Math 113
at Welsh
Psyc 101
Lake Arthur not a separate site.  Enrolls w/Jennings. Math 113
Psyc 101
Psyc 101
Welsh - Math 113 a separate site.  Other classes enrolled w/Jennings. Engl 101
Math 113
Psyc 101
Engl 102
Psyc 101
Livonia Engl 101cv
Hist 201 cv
Psyc 101cv
Engl 102cv
Hist 202 cv
Psyc 233cv
Notre Dame of Crowley Math 190  
Distance and Correspondence Education
McNeese State University has been approved to offer the following programs at 50% or more via distance learning technologies.  Nearly all courses are taught online through Moodle course management system with some courses for dual enrollment taught via compressed video.

Program Distance Education Percentage
General Studies (AGS) 100%
Criminal Justice (BS) 100%
Management (BS) 100%
Nursing (BSN) 100%
Organizational Leadership (BA)

ULS Consortium degree; not yet offered, effective fall 2013

Sociology (BA) 100%
Criminal Justice (MS) 100% proposed program effective fall 2013, prospectus currently with COC.
Curriculum and Instruction (MEd) 100%
Educational Technology Leadership (MEd) 100%
Instructional Technology (MA) 100%
Nursing (MSN) 100% via Consortium with University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Southeastern Louisiana University, and, Nichols State University
Dual Enrollment tbd
EDUC 333 tbd

4.  Accreditation
(See 3.13.1 "Accrediting Decisions of Other Agencies" under Part III)
The following table identifies all agencies that currently accredit the institution and any of its programs, including review periods and actions taken.

Agency Programs Last Review/Next Visit Sanctions/Actions Taken
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Institution 2007-2017
The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) BS Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Management, Marketing; MBA Business Administration 2009-2014
American Chemical Society (ACS) BS Chemistry 2011--TBD
Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) BS Nutrition and Food Sciences, Dietetics Concentration;
Dietetic Internship
Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (CAC-ABET) BS Computer Science 2006-2007 -- 2012-2013 Currently under review.
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Edcuation (CCNE) BSN Nursing
MSN Nursing
2011-2016 (BSN)
2008-2013 (MSN)
Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology  (EAC-ABET) BS Engineering 2009-2016
Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Athletic Training (JRC-AT) BS Athletic Training Education Program 2009-2013
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) BS Radiologic Science 2010-2017
National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) BS Clinical Laboratory Sciences 2008-2013
National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) BA Art 2008-2014
National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) BM Music 2008-2016
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) BS Early Childhood Education-Grades PK-3
BS Elementary Education-Grades 1-5
BS Secondary Education, Grades 6-12
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 (M.A.T.)
Secondary Education, Grades 6-12 (M.A.T.)
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)
Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)
Educational Technology Leadership (M.Ed.)
School Counseling (M.Ed.)
Special Education (M.Ed.)
Educational Leadership (Ed.S.)
Health and Physical Education, Grades K-12 (B.S.)
National League for Nursing Accreditation of Teacher Education (NLNAC) ASN--Associate of Science in Nursing 2011-2019
Organization of American Kodály Educators Music Education--Kodály Studies 2007-2017
Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (TAC-ABET) AS Engineering Technology
BS Engineering Technology

5.  Relationship to the U.S. Department of Education
In the previous three years, McNeese has not had any limitations, suspensions, or termination by the U.S. Department of Education in regard to student financial aid or other financial aid programs.