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Federal Requirement 4.5

Federal Requirement 4.5

Federal Requirement 4.5

The institution has adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints and is responsible for demonstrating that it follows those procedures when resolving student complaints.

_X_ Compliance                     ___ Non-Compliance

McNeese State University has an established policy to address student complaints. The student complaint policy is provided in written and web accessible formats. There is a clear and consistent procedure which allows students to voice complaints in a fair, equitable and user friendly manner.

Procedures for Filing a Complaint
In general, the University will acknowledge a written complaint within 20 business days or a reasonable period after its receipt by the appropriate vice president. Complaints should be addressed to the appropriate vice president responsible for the issue at hand (academic and student affairs, business affairs and university services, chief diversity officer, and university advancement).

For a timely review by staff, the complainant is responsible for including the following in the written complaint:

  1. A statement describing the complaint in the clearest possible terms. If the situation describes a grievance issue rather than a complaint, appropriate grievance procedures will be advised.
  2. A clear and concise written description of the evidence upon which the complaint is based (materials and documentation used to support a complainant's allegations should be limited to and directly related to the reported case). The evidence should state relevant and provable facts.
  3. A description of any action that may have already been taken in an attempt to resolve the issue.
  4. An acknowledgment that University staff may send a copy of the complaint to the person(s) involved.
  5. Complainant's signature.
  6. Complainant must provide adequate documentation.

Within 30 business days after acknowledging receipt of the complaint and under the direction of the appropriate vice president, McNeese State University personnel will review the complaint and its documentation and determine whether it is within the scope of University policies and jurisdiction and if there is adequate documentation. McNeese will inform the complainant regarding the disposition of the complaint to include one of the following:

  1. The complaint will not be processed further. The complaint is not within the scope of University policies and jurisdiction or there is inadequate documentation to raise questions concerning the complaint.
  2. The complaint has sufficient substance to warrant further review. McNeese will make every effort to expedite the review; however, the time required to conduct the review may vary considerably depending on the circumstances and nature of the complaint. The complainant will be notified regarding one of the following:
  1. The complaint is without merit.
  2. A resolution will be suggested.

The report of the appropriate vice president will be forwarded to the President for review. Following that meeting, the complainant will be notified of the decision. Complaints are housed in a file in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Support. The following is a sample of some recent complaints. For more detail, please view the Registered Complaints Index.
Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Support 
Sample Complaints
Date Type of Complaint Resolution
February 29, 2012 Failure to Change Grade in timely manner University recognized that due to illness of a professor and administrative staff that the grade change documents had not been completed in time and the student grade was changed and her status was reinstated in the graduate school.
February 21, 2012 Syllabus Clarification Student enrolled in HHP 173 Class (Fitness Swimming) and due to illness of the professor was never informed that a prerequisite of being a swimmer was necessary for the class participation.  She had to pick up an additional class after dropping the HHP 173 course, but was charged addition fees.  She was referred to the fee appeals panel to get the fee waived.

Supporting Documentation
Review of Complaints Policy
Code of Student Conduct
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Diversity Awareness Policy
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