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Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3

Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3

Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3

The institution publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission.

_X_ Compliance                     ___ Non-Compliance

McNeese State University (MSU) is in compliance with Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3.
As a regional state institution serving the residents of southwest Louisiana, McNeese State University's admissions policies are aligned with its mission for providing access to educational opportunities for students and services to the employers and communities in its region. As referenced in its mission, McNeese uses a traditional admission process based on courses completed, GPA, and standardized test scores. The Louisiana Board of Regents has mandated minimum admission standards for undergraduates, and, as a member of the University of Louisiana System (ULS), McNeese is required to adhere to the admission policies established for first-time freshman, transfer, adult, and international students seeking admission to a Louisiana regional, public, four-year university. McNeese requested to increase the overall high school GPA required for first-time freshman applicants and received University of Louisiana System approval. McNeese complies with and exceeds the minimum admission requirements set forth by the Louisiana Board of Regents, which can be found on the University of Louisiana System (1) and the Board of Regents (2) Websites.
Applications for admission (3) are processed according to the incoming student's classification and entry status as stated on the Admission Requirements Web page (4). In order to serve deserving students who fall short of meeting the published admission standards, applications are reviewed by the University Admissions Panel, which follows internal guidelines for granting admission by exception (56).
Through McNeese's relationship with Sowela Technical Community College (STCC), the University assists students who do not meet admission standards with reaching their educational goals by providing them with an alternative pathway through STCC. The University and STCC collaborate in their efforts to ensure student success and transition by referring applicants for admission (7) and identifying courses for transfer. A transfer guide for STCC (8) and McNeese is available in print format and reflects current admission policies and transferrable STCC courses. The University's relationship with STCC and its increased admission standards support the University's mission statement and the following strategies established in the University's 2011-2016 Strategic Plan as part of LaPAS (see also FR 4.1):
  • Strategy I.1.1: Recruit better academically prepared students
  • Strategy I.1.2: Develop collaborations with two-year schools to increase transfer rate
  • Strategy I.1.3: Enter into dual/cross/concurrent enrollment collaborations with community colleges
The University's admissions policies are published within the university's Academic Catalog that is updated annually and revised more frequently as needed. The Academic Catalog (9) is available in electronic format on the University Website. Prospective applicants are apprised of the admissions requirements through the online Academic Catalog, online postings on the University website, and distributed recruitment packets and brochures.

Many professional programs and certain graduate programs at McNeese have specific admissions requirements.

All Teacher Education Programs All Teacher Education Preparation Requirements
College of Business Programs Admission and Retention
College of Engineering Programs Admission Policy
College of Nursing Programs Eligibility for Nursing Sequence
College of Science Programs with Specific Requirements
Clinical Laboratory Science
Radiologic Sciences
Graduate Programs with Specific Requirements
Educational Leadership (Ed.S.)
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)
Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)
Educational Technology Leadership (M.Ed.)
Special Education (M.Ed.)
School Counseling (M.Ed.)
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 (M.A.T.)
Secondary Education, Grades 6-12 (M.A.T.)
Instructional Technology (M.S.)
Health and Human Performance (M.S.)
Mathematical Sciences (M.S.)
Environmental and Chemical Sciences (M.S.)
Psychology (M.A.)
English (M.A.)
Creative Writing (M.F.A.)

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