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Comprehensive Standard

Comprehensive Standard

Comprehensive Standard

The institution identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extent to which it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results in the following area:

  • educational programs, to include student learning outcomes

_X_ Compliance                     ___ Non-Compliance

McNeese is in compliance with CS

McNeese State University has identified three university-wide learning outcomes that all academic programs track and assess on their annual master plan/progress reports. These outcomes are as follows:

  • Student Learning Outcome 1: Graduates apply critical thinking in academic and professional environments.
  • Student Learning Outcome 2: Graduates formulate and express ideas effectively through oral, written, and/or technological communications in academic and professional environments.
  • Student Learning Outcome 3: Graduates analyze the global community to make sound judgments in academic and professional environments.

Some programs also elect to assess additional, program-specific outcomes as defined by the department, usually in fulfillment of professional accreditation requirements. Annual master plans are submitted between May and August of each year and include data from fall and spring term of the concluding academic year, along with analysis, and actions or decisions related to curricular, course-level, or assessment process changes. Where distance education programs are offered, data is aggregated with traditional program offerings. To date, we offer no programs through distance education that are not also offered face to face.

After all plans are collected, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness reviews all plans to determine the extent of attainment achieved by programs, departments, colleges, and the institution as a whole. Plans are also evaluated as assessment instruments and together these results are presented in an annual report of institutional effectiveness. These methods enable us to look at program-specific improvements, monitor institutional improvement with respect to specific learning outcomes, and track the health of the assessment culture over time. To support programs in developing their master plans, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides the Master Plan/Progress Report Handbook and an Assessment Handbook.

Master Plan Institutional Summary Reports for SLOs

Institutional Attainment of Learning Outcomes (Undergraduate/Graduate combined)
The level of achievement is determined by examining all assessments for each program for each outcome. The number of benchmarks met divided by the total number of assessments provides a percentage of achievement for a program. These percentages are provided in the institutional reports (above). Total benchmarks met versus assessments is aggregated by department, then college, then institutionally and separated by award level on the institutional reports and summary. The chart below aggregates all programs and award levels (including distance and traditional) for the five year period. The Director of Institutional Effectiveness sets a benchmark of 75% attainment for each outcome for the institution. This is approximately the average benchmark (75%) for each assessment for each program (though it does vary at the program level). The Director of Institutional Effectiveness's benchmark for master plan quality at the institutional level is 2.25 on a 3.0 scale. The Director strives to work with all programs that score lower than a 2 or with programs that request help in developing master plans.

SLO Achievement--Undergraduate/Graduate Combine 2008 - 2012
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
SLO1 61.0% 72.3% 81.0% 85.1% 76.4%
SLO2 62.0% 76.1% 85.2% 86.6% 76.0%
SLO3 50.7% 73.7% 84.6% 84.8% 82.0%
Plan Evaluation Scores
UG 2.7 2.6 2.4 2.8 2.7
GR 2.5 2.4 2.2 2.7 2.4
* Percentage based on number of assessment markers met divided by total assessments for outcome; e.g. for 2010, SLO 1, attainment expectations were met for 81% of total assessments.

Program Master Plan/Progress Reports 2008 - 2012
As an institution, we strive for 100% compliance with master plan/progress report submissions on an annual basis (the submission period is May 15 to Aug 15). Despite there being periodic gaps (due to personnel or curricular changes), we maintain near 100% annual compliance with master plan submission. Additionally, our process provides us with an enormous body of material from which to obtain a clear view of outcome attainment at the program and institutional level. The chart below reflects compliance over the last five years and notes significant program modifications through consolidations or terminations that have occurred over the period in question.







AA Paralegal Studies

AA Paralegal 08

AA Paralegal 09

AA Paralegal 10

AA Paralegal 11

AA Paralegal 12

ASN Nursing

ADN Nursing 08

ADN Nursing 09

ADN Nursing 10

ASN Nursing 11

ASN Nursing 12

AGS General Studies

AGS General Studies 08

AGS General Studies 09

AGS General Studies 10

AGS General Studies 11

AGS General Studies 12

AS Computer Information Technology

AS Computer Information Technology 08

AS Computer Information Technology 09

AS Computer Information Technology 10--N/A

AS Computer Information Technology 11

AS Computer Information Technology 12

AS Engineering Tech (E&I)

AS Engineering Technology 08

AS Engineering Technology 09

AS Engineering Technology 10

AS Engineering Technology 11

AS Engineering Technology 12

AS Engineerng Tech (P&P)

AS Engineering Tech--N/A

AS Engineering Technology 09

AS Engineering Technology 10

AS Engineering Technology 11

AS Engineering Technology 12--N/A (program and concentration to be terminated)

BA Art

BA Art 08

BA Art 09

BA Art 10

BA Art 11

BA Art 12

BA Art Education

BA Art Education 08

BA Art Education 09

BA Art Education 10

BA Art Education 11

Program consolidated into BA Art

BA English

BA English 08

BA English 09

BA English 10

BA English 11

BA English 12

BA English Education

BA English Ed 08

BA English Ed 09

BA English Ed 10--N/A

BA English Ed 11

BA English Ed 12

BA Foreign Language Education--French

BA Foreign Language Ed - French 08

BA Foreign Language Ed 09

BA Foreign Language Ed 10

BA Foreign Languages 11
Combined Foreign Language Education as concentration in Foreign Languages
BA Foreign Languages 12

BA Foreign Language Education--Spanish

BA Foreign Language Ed - Spanish 08

BA French

BA French 08

BA French 09

BA Foreign Languages 10

BA Spanish

BA Spanish 08 BA Spanish 09

BA Government

BA Government 08

BA Government 09

BA Government 10

BA Government 11

BA Government 12

BA History

BA History 08

BA History 09

BA History 10

BA History 11

BA History 12

BA Liberal Studies

BA Liberal Studies 08

BA Liberal Studies 09

BA Liberal Studies 10

BA Liberal Studies 11

BA Liberal Studies 12 (SSEd. Consolidated into Liberal Studies)

BA Social Studies Education

BA Social Studies Education 08

BA Social Studies Education 09

BA Social Studies Education 10

BA Social Studies Education 11

BA Sociology

BA Sociology 08

BA Sociology 09

BA Sociology 10

BA Sociology 11

BA Sociology 12

BA Speech

BA Speech 08

BA Communication Studies 09

BA Communication Studies 10

BA Communication Studies 11

Program Terminated

BA Theatre Arts

BA Theatre Arts 08

BA Theatre Arts 09

BA Theatre Arts 10

BA Theatre Arts 11

BA Theatre Arts 12 (Conc. in Liberal Studies)

BGS General Studies

BGS (General Studies) 08

BGS (General Studies) 09

BGS (General Studies) 10

BGS (General Studies) 11

BGS (General Studies) 12

BME Bachelor of Music Education

BME Music Education 08

BME Music Education 09

BME Music Education 10

BME Music Education 11

BME Music Education 12

BMP Bachelor in Music Performance

BMP Music Performance 08

BMP Music Performance 09

BMP Music Performance 10

BMP Music Performance 11

BMP Music Performance 12

BS Accounting

BS Accounting 08

BS Accounting 09

BS Accounting 10

BS Accounting 11

BS Accounting 12

BS Agricultural Education

BS Agricultural Education 08

BS Agricultural Education 09

BS Agricultural Education 10--N/A

BS Agricultural Education 11--N/A

Program consolidated with Agricultural Sciences

BS Agricultural Science

BS Agricultural Science 08

BS Agricultural Science 09

BS Agricultural Science 10

BS Agricultural Science 11

BS Agricultural Science 12

BS Athletic Training Education Program

BS Athletic Training Education Program 08

BS Athletic Training Education Program 09

BS Athletic Training Education Program 10

BS Athletic Training Education Program 11

BS Athletic Training Education Program 12

BS Biological Science

BS Biological Science 08

BS Biological Science 09

BS Biological Science 10

BS Biological Science 11

BS Biological Science 12

BS Biology Education

BS Biology Education 08

BS Biology Education 09

BS Biology Education 10

BS Biology Education 11

BS Biology Education 12

BS Business Education

BS Business Education 08

BS Business Education 09

BS Business Education 10

BS Business Education 11

BS Business Education 12

BS Chemistry

BS Chemistry 08

BS Chemistry 09

BS Chemistry 10

BS Chemistry 11

BS Chemistry 12

BS Chemistry Education

BS Chemistry Education 08

BS Chemistry Education 09

BS Chemistry Education 10

BS Chemistry Education 11

Program consolidated as concentration in Chemistry

BS Clinical Laboratory Science

BS Clinical Laboratory Science 08

BS Clinical Laboratory Science 09

BS Clinical Laboratory Science 10

BS Clinical Laboratory Science 11

BS Clinical Laboratory Science 12

BS Computer Science

BS Computer Science 08

BS Computer Science 09

BS Computer Science 10--N/A

BS Computer Science 11

BS Computer Science 12

BS Criminal Justice

BS Criminal Justice 08

BS Criminal Justice 09

BS Criminal Justice 10

BS Criminal Justice 11

BS Criminal Justice 12

BS Early Childhood Education

BS Early Childhood Education 08

BS Early Childhood Education 09

BS Early Childhood Education 10

BS Early Childhood Education 11

BS Early Childhood Education 12

BS Elementary Education

BS Elementary Education 08

BS Elementary Education 09

BS Elementary Education 10

BS Elementary Education 11

BS Elementary Education 12

BS Engineering

BS Engineering 08

BS Engineering 09

BS Engineering 10

BS Engineering 11

BS Engineering 12

BS Engineering Technology (E&I)

BS Engineering Technology (E&I) 08

BS Engineering Technology (E&I) 09

BS Engineering Technology (E&I) 10

BS Engineering Technology (E&I) 11

BS Engineering Technology (E&I) 12

BS Engineering Technology (PPT)

BS Engineering Technology (PPT) 08

BS Engineering Technology (PPT) 09

BS Engineering Technology (PPT) 10

BS Engineering Technology (PPT) 11

BS Engineering Technology (PPT) 12--N/A (Concentration to be terminated)

BS Environmental Science

BS Environmental Science 08

BS Environmental Science 09

BS Natural Resources & Conservation Management 10

(EnvSci & Wildlife Mgmt merged)

BS Natural Resources & Conservation Management 11

BS Natural Resources & Conservation Management 12

BS Wildlife Management

BS Wildlife Management

BS Wildlife Management

BS Environmental Science Education

BS Environmental Science Education 08

BS Environmental Science Education 09

BS Environmental Science Education 10--N/A

BS Environmental Science Education 11--N/A

Combined into BS Secondary Education

BS Family and Consumer Sciences / Nutrition and Food Sciences

BS Family and Consumer Sciences 08

BS Family and Consumer Sciences 09

BS Family and Consumer Sciences 10

BS Family and Consumer Sciences 11

BS Nutrition & Food Science 12 (Program Renamed and merged with Dept of Agriculture)--N/A

Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship 08

Dietetic Internship 09

Dietetic Internship 10

Dietetic Internship 11

Dietetic Internship 12

BS Finance

BS Finance 08

BS Finance 09

BS Finance 10

BS Finance 11

BS Finance 12

BS General Business Administration

BS General Business Administration 08

BS General Business Administration 09

BS General Business Administration 10

BS General Business Administration 11

BS General Business Administration 12

BS Health and Human Performance

BS Health and Human Performance 08

BS Health and Human Performance 09

BS Health and Human Performance 10

BS Health and Human Performance 11

BS Health and Human Performance 12

BS Health and Physical Education

BS Health and Physical Education 08

BS Health and Physical Education 09

BS Health and Physical Education 10

BS Health and Physical Education 11

BS Health and Physical Education 12

BS Management

BS Management 08

BS Management 09

BS Management 10

BS Management 11

BS Management 12

BS Marketing

BS Marketing 08

BS Marketing 09

BS Marketing 10

BS Marketing 11

BS Marketing 12

BS Mass Communication

BS Mass Communication 08

BS Mass Communication 09

BS Mass Communication 10

BS Mass Communication 11

BS Mass Communication 12

BS Mathematics

BS Mathematics 08

BS Mathematics 09

BS Mathematics 10

BS Mathematics 11

BS Mathematics 12

BS Math Education

BS Math Education 08

BS Math Education 09

BS Math Education 10

BS Math Education 11

BS Math Education 12

BS Physics

BS Physics 08

BS Physics 09--N/A

BS Physics 10--N/A

Terminated--concentration in Mathematical Sciences


BS Psychology

BS Psychology 08

BS Psychology 09

BS Psychology 10

BS Psychology 11

BS Psychology 12

BS Radiologic Sciences

BS Radiologic Sciences 08

BS Radiologic Sciences 09

BS Radiologic Sciences 10

BS Radiologic Sciences 11

BS Radiologic Sciences 12

BS Speech Education

BS Speech Education 08

BS Speech Education 09

BS Speech Education--10--N/A

BS Speech Education 11--N/A


BSN Nursing

BSN Nursing 08

BSN Nursing 09

BSN Nursing 10

BSN Nursing 11

BSN Nursing 12

EDs Educational Leadership

EDs Educational Leadership 08

EDs Educational Leadership 09

EDs Educational Leadership 10

EDs Educational Leadership 11

EDs Educational Leadership 12

MEd Educational Leadership

MEd Educational Leadership 08

MEd Educational Leadership 09

MEd Educational Leadership 10

MEd Educational Leadership 11

MEd Educational Leadership 12

MEd Educational Technology Leadership

MEd Educational Technology Leadership 08

MEd Educational Technology Leadership 09

MEd Educational Technology Leadership 10

MEd Educational Technology Leadership 11

MEd Educational Technology Leadership 12

MEd School Counseling

MEd School Counseling 08

MEd School Counseling 09

MEd School Counseling 10--N/A

MEd School Counseling 11

MEd School Counseling 12

M Engineering

M Engineering 08

M Engineering 09--N/A

M Engineering 10--N/A

M Engineering 11--N/A

M Engineering 12

MMEd Music Education

MMEd Music Education 08

MMEd Music Education 09




MA English

MA English 08

MA English 09

MA English 10--N/A

MA English 11

MA English 12

MA Psychology

MA Psychology 08

MA Psychology 09

MA Psychology 10

MA Psychology 11

MA Psychology 12

MAT Elementary Education

MAT Elementary Education 08

MAT Elementary Education 09

MAT Elementary Education 10

MAT Elementary Education 11

MAT Elementary Education 12

MAT Secondary Education

MAT Secondary Education 08

MAT Secondary Education 09

MAT Secondary Education 10

MAT Secondary Education 11

MAT Secondary Education 12

MAT Special Education

MAT Special Education 08

MAT Special Education 09

MAT Special Education 10

MAT Special Education 11

MAT Special Education 12

MBA Business Administration

MBA Business Administration 08

MBA Business Administration 09

MBA Business Administration 10

MBA Business Administration 11

MBA Business Administration 12

MFA Creative Writing

MFA Creative Writing 08

MFA Creative Writing 09

MFA Creative Writing 10

MFA Creative Writing 11

MFA Creative Writing 12

MS Environmental & Chemical Sciences

MS Environmental & Chemical Sciences 08

MS Environmental & Chemical Sciences 09

MS Environmental & Chemical Sciences 10

MS Environmental & Chemical Sciences 11

MS Environmental & Chemical Sciences 12

MS Health and Human Performance

MS Health and Human Performance 08

MS Health and Human Performance 09

MS Health and Human Performance 10

MS Health and Human Performance 11

MS Health and Human Performance 12

MS Instructional Technology

MS Instructional Technology 08

MS Instructional Technology 09

MS Instructional Technology 10

MS Instructional Technology 11

MS Instructional Technology 12

MS Mathematics

MS Mathematics 08

MS Mathematics 09

MS Mathematics 10

MS Mathematics 11

MS Mathematics 12

MSN Nursing

MSN Nursing 08

MSN Nursing 09

MSN Nursing 10

MSN Nursing 11

MSN Nursing 12

Program Review
In addition to annual assessment activity as reported on the Master Plan/Progress Reports, all academic programs at McNeese undergo periodic program reviews either as a function of their professional accreditation or, for programs that are not accredited or for which no accreditation agency exist, by an internal review process. See Academic Program Review Policy. The current schedule and guidelines for academic program reviews was updated in fall 2012 to reset the process after a campus-wide institutional review in 2010 wherein all academic programs (accredited and non-accredited) were reviewed as a large-scale process to evaluate our strengths and institutional priorities. See Part II: Institutional Summary for Accredited program review dates.

Programs are notified in January of the year in which they are to submit reviews and provided the Guidelines for Academic Program Review for IE. The following is the current schedule for review:
College Program Next Reviews
(Submit by Dec 15th of each year indicated)
BCOE Psychology (M.A.) 2013 2020
COS Mathematical Sciences (M.S.) 2014 2021
COS Environmental and Chemical Sciences (M.S.) 2014 2021
BCOE Health and Human Performance (M.S.) 2015 2022
BCOE Instructional Technology (M.S.) 2015 2022
CEET Engineering (M.Eng.) 2016 2023
COLA English (M.A.) 2017 2024
COLA Creative Writing (M.F.A.) 2017 2024
COLA Criminal Justice (M.A.) 2020 2027
BCOE Psychology (B.S.) 2013 2020
EMGT General Studies (B.G.S.) 2013 2020
COS Natural Resource Conservation Management (B.S.) 2013 2020
COS Mathematical Sciences (B.S.) 2014 2021
COS Biological Science (B.S.) 2014 2021
COS Nutrition and Food Science (B.S.) 2014 2021
COS Agricultural Science (B.S.) 2014 2021
BCOE Health and Human Performance, General (B.S.) 2015 2022
COLA Government (B.A.) 2015 2022
COLA Sociology (B.A.) 2015 2022
COLA Criminal Justice (B.S.) 2015 2022
COLA Liberal Studies (B.A.) 2016 2023
COLA Theatre (Concentration in Liberal Studies) 2016 2023
COLA History (B.A.) 2016 2023
COLA Foreign Languages (B.A.) 2017 2024
COLA Mass Communication (B.S.) 2017 2024
COLA English (B.A.) 2017 2024
EMGT Organizational Leadership (B.A.) 2020 2027

Institutional Review (including review of all academic programs)
In 2010, McNeese undertook an Institutional Review and Program Prioritization Plan that examined all academic programs, student support services, and business operations in order to prioritize programs and evaluate institutional strengths in an effort to deal with state budget cuts and the economic forecast. The program review process included extensive qualitative and quantitative metrics for evaluating each program. What follows here is a sampling of academic review reports, along with analyses and decisions of teams involved in the process as it pertained to academic review. The sample includes 14 programs and represents each college and the graduate school.

BA Communication Studies
BS Agricultural Sciences
BS Criminal Justice
BS Elementary Education
BS Engineering Tech
BS Engineering
BS Finance
BS General Business
BS Psychology
BS Radiologic Sciences
M Engineering
MAT Secondary Education
MFA Creative Writing

As a part of this process, each department reviewed its programs (see sample Health and Human Performance--Dept Report), then each college (see sample College of Liberal Arts--Report) reviewed its programs and prioritized what it deemed to be the strongest and most essential. From these program reviews and unit reports, an Academic Review Team consisting of department heads and faculty senate representatives developed priorities and recommendations concerning the institution's program mix. See Academic Review Team Recommendation Report (10-15-10).  Finally, a University-wide review team consisting of Deans, Faculty Senate representatives, and other administrators evaluated all academic and nonacademic program reviews to develop recommendations for the President. See University Review Team Final Report Form.

Program Review (2007 - 2009)
BA English Review : Team Evaluation : Results Memo
BS Psychology Review : Team Evaluation : Results Memo
BA Liberal Studies Review : Team Evaluation : Results Memo
BS Mathematics Review : Team Evaluation : Results Memo
BA Spanish Review : Team Evaluation : Results Memo
AS Computer Information Technology Review : Team Evaluation : Results Memo

Supporting Documents
Master Plan/Progress Report Preparation Handbook
Academic Program Review Policy
Guidelines for Academic Program Review for IE
Institutional Review and Program Prioritization Plan