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Memo on Professional Services Contract Procedures

Memo on Professional Services Contract Procedures

Date: 01/27/2009
To: Grant Principle Investigators
From: Janet Woolman
Re: Contracting for Professional Services through Grants
Revised: 02/02/2012

This memorandum sets forth the new procedures to be followed when a contract is required for personal, consulting or professional services. Effective immediately the following procedures MUST be followed when a contract costing $20,000 or less is required for a personal, consulting or professional service:

  1. The Principle Investigator negotiates the contract terms (payment terms, scope, etc.) with proposed contractor.

  2. The professional services contract form (two originals) is completed and signed by the Principle Investigator and the contractor. If McNeese has not previously done business with the contractor, a W-9 must be obtained from the contractor and submitted to Purchasing with the vendor request form. The professional services contract form is available at the Office of Business Affairs website.

  3. Once the signatures are obtained, a purchase requisition MUST be entered. The requisition description should be a brief description of the services required. If the contract price is an estimate, please indicate this in the description. The requisition number is to be written on the professional services contract form in the area designated "requisition number" on the top right corner of the contract form. The two originals and one copy are forwarded to the Purchasing Department (Box 92415) for processing.

  4. The requisition will go through the ONLINE approval process and a purchase order will be generated. Purchasing will review the contract to assure that the services being requested fit the definition of a personal/consulting or professional service. If the contract is deemed valid, the Purchase Order and a copy of the approved professional services contract will be released to the contractor. At this point, work may begin. If the contract is not a true personal, consulting or professional service the contract will be returned to the Principle Investigator with instructions as to how to proceed with the service being requested.

  5. The Principle Investigator will monitor the contractor's performance. Once services are complete, the purchase order must be received in the system. The Principle Investigator must submit check request available at the Office of Business Affairs website along with the invoice from contractor to Research Services (Drew 224). Principle Investigator is responsible for notifying Purchasing if an alteration to the Purchase Order will be required, or if any problems are encountered.

  6. Contracts will no longer be sent to Business Affairs. For contracts in excess of $20,000, review and approval must be made by the University of Louisiana System Office and final approval made by the Office of Contractual Review. In some instances, other external agency approvals may be required. This process can take as long as six (6) weeks so please plan accordingly. Contact the Purchasing Department for instructions on processing any contract for services that cost over $20,000. Definitions of Services can be found at the Office of Business Affairs website under the Procedures link. Please distribute this information to anyone under your supervision that may initiate a request for these types of services.