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Grants Awarded in FY 2004-2005

Grants Awarded in FY 2004-2005

Grants Awarded In FY 2004-2005
Principal Investigator Co-Investigators Project Name Department Funding Source Award Amount Award Period
Anderson, Ms. Betty None McElroy, Quirk, & Burch (APC) Continuing Education LA Department of Labor $55,394.99 8/10/04 to 8/9/06
Anderson, Ms. Betty None Bessette Development Corporation Continuing Education LA Department of Labor $150,250.36 8/16/04 to 8/15/06
Anderson, Ms. Betty None Southwest Restaurant Consortium Continuing Education LA Department of Labor $147,711.30 6/6/05 to 6/5/07
Arnold, Mr. Paul None Small Business Management & Technical Assistant Delivery Small Business Development Center LA Small Business Development Center $68,750.00 10/1/04 to 9/30/05
Birkett, Dr. Brenda None Enhanced Learning Environment in Support of McNeese State University College of Business Board of Regents $47,830.00 6/1/05 to 6/30/05
Bradley, Mr. Sid Dr. George Mead Investigations Incorporating Mathematical Power for Middle and High School Teachers of Mathematics DMCS Louisiana Systematic Initiatives Program $143,477.00 4/1/05 to 6/15/06
Brewer, Dr. Ruth None McNeese State University Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship Program Graduate Nursing Program US DHHS $30,477.00 7/1/04 to 6/30/05
Chosen, Ms. Cynthia None Region V Education Service Center LA Department of Education $102,562.00 7/1/04 to 6/30/05
Chrisope, Dr. Tammy None Einstein Alive Banners Arts & Humanities $2,500.00 4/1/05 to 3/31/06
Chrisope, Dr. Tammy None Marcus Roberts Trio Banners Arts & Humanities $6,378.22 10/1/04 to 9/30/05
Daboval, Dr. Jeanne None Teacher Preparation Program Reward Education Board of Regents $10,000.00 10/23/04 to 6/30/05
Daboval, Dr. Jeanne None The New Teacher Project Academic Affairs Board of Regents $45,000.00 7/1/04 to 6/30/05
Darbeau, Dr. Ron Dr. Danette Vines Initiation of a Forensic Science Laboratory Program at MSU Chemistry Board of Regents $80,000.00 6/1/05 to 6/30/06
Dees, Dr. William None Travel Grant BIEN Board of Regents $1,000.00 4/1/05 to 4/30/05
Denny, Dr. Bill Dr. Gerald Ornas & Dr. David Slay A Mathematical/Statistical Laboratory for the DMCS DMCS Board of Regents $86,000.00 6/1/05 to 6/30/05
Fetter, Dr. Wayne None Louisiana Teacher Transition to Teaching Teacher Education UL-Monroe $98,100.00 11/15/04 to 9/30/05
Graham, Mr. Michael None LA Academy for Innovative Teaching & Learning Informational Technology US Department of Education $595,200.00 5/1/05 to 4/30/07
Hartman, Dr. Gregory None Monitoring Marine Turtles Strandings in Southwest Louisiana BIEN National Marine Fisheries Service $14,000.00 9/7/04 to 9/6/05
Hinton, Dr. Juliana None MASH 2005 BIEN SWLAHEC $7,436.00 5/31/05 to 7/23/05
Kersten, Dr. Constance None USFWS Research Project - Rana Sylvatica (wood frog) gonad histopathology and identification BIEN U.S. Geological Survey, BRD $3,000.00 5/20/05 to 2/28/06
Kiritsis, Dr. Nikos Dr. Juliana Hinton, Dr. Mark Merchant, Ms. Dorothy Ortego, Sr. Steven Stinnet, & Ms. Joan Vallee Science Explorer Camp Engineering LaSIP/LA Gear Up $110,000.00 4/15/05 to 5/31/06
Kiritsis, Dr. Nikos Dr. John Galiotos - Houston Community College The Gulf-Coast-Technology Articulation Partnership Engineering Houston Community College - NSF $50,021.00 8/1/04 to 7/31/05
Melville, Dr. Cameron None MSU Project for Treatment of Problem Gambling Psychology LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals - Office for Addictive Disorders Region V $42,714.00 7/1/04 to 6/30/05
Miller, Ms. Stella None Upward Bound Year 2 Upward Bound US Dept. of Education $313,017.00 9/1/04 to 8/31/05
Paulissen, Dr. Mark Dr. Mark Merchant MERCK-AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program Chemistry MERCK-AAAS $60,000.00 4/1/05 to 3/30/08
Richardson, Ms. Mary None The Wayfaring Strangers Banners ArtsNet of SWLA $2,500.00 4/1/05 to 3/31/05
Richardson, Ms. Mary None Paragon Ragtime Orchestra Banners Arts & Humanities $6,265.31 10/1/04 to 9/30/05
Ware, Ms. Helen None Compressed Video Line Distance Learning Board of Regents $8,100.00 12/31/04 to 12/31/05
Ware, Ms. Helen None Early Childhood Associate Degree for the Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals Year 2 Distance Learning Board of Regents $48,500.00 12/1/04 to 12/31/05
Wilfert, Dr. Theresa None Enhancement of Instruction in Office Systems and Business Education ELIT Calcasieu Parish School Board $2,671.17 11/15/04 to 2/15/05
Wolfe, Dr. Peggy None 2004-2005 Nursing/Allied Health Capitation Program Undergraduate Nursing Board of Regents $30,000.00 9/1/04 to 6/30/05
Zhang, Dr. Yixin Dr. Roberta Yellot, Dr. Sharon VanMetre, Dr. Veronica Harts, & Dr. Wayne Fetter Improving Students' Academic Achievements through Effective Teachers' Professional Development Activities- Partnered with PDS School ELIT Board of Regents $115,700.00 6/1/05 to 6/30/06

It is McNeese State University policy to redirect a portion of the indirect cost brought to the university by grants to the PI, the Department and the College at the rate of 25%, 15% and 10% respectively. The funds are distributed on a yearly basis at the end of the fiscal year and can be used for all legitimate purchases supporting MSU's mission EXCEPT faculty salaries.

Based on their active grants between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005, the following individuals received a combined total of $21,387.81. Their Departments received a total of $12,832.68 and their Colleges $8,555.12.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of them.
  • Dr. Cam Melville, Psychology
  • Mr. Sid Bradley, Mathematics
  • Dr. O. C. Karkalits, Engineering
  • Dr. Ron Darbeau, Chemistry
  • Dr. Joseph Sneddon, Chemistry
  • Dr. Bill Delany, Agriculture
  • Dr. William Dees, Biology & Environmental Science
  • Dr. Mark Merchant, Chemistry
  • Dr. Larry Dilks, Psychology
  • Dr. Nikos Kiritsis, Engineering
  • Dr. Greg Hartman, Biology & Environmental Science