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Visit for a schedule of intramural activities.Intramural Cover Photo
How it works:
  • Self-made teams are formed and a manager is assigned.
  • Teams or individuals then compete against other teams or individuals.
  • Divisions may be Men's, Women's or Co-ed.

  • Must be a McNeese State University student with six or more hours
  • May not participate in an Intramural sport if they have played or lettered in that particular Division I NCAA sport
    • (ex. if you play on the McNeese Cowboy football team you cannot play intramural flag football - includes walk-ons and redshirts).

Our office is located on the 2nd floor of the Rec, above the weight room. For more information call 475-5367.

Team plays volleyballTeam poses on field

Participation in Intramural Sports activities is completely voluntary. These activities involve risks of physical injury greater than those encountered in daily life, and by taking part in sports and other activities participants acknowledge and assume risks inherent therein.

The Intramural Sports Program does not carry accident or injury insurance to cover participants in sports activities. All participants and spectators are responsible for their own medical expenses!! Therefore, all participants are strongly urged to purchase health insurance before participating in any activity. It is recommended that all participants have a recent medical examination before participating.