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Performance Event Descriptions

We Change Lives

I. School Classifications

(What your Literary Rally Coordinator reported to State Rally)

Division I1001Up
Division II5011000
Division III251500
Division IV151250
Division V1150
School Classifications

II. Events

A. One Act Play: one play from each school.

III Awards:

A. Play Rally

Rally performance times will be emailed to all participating schools following the February 15th deadline. Coordinators should receive their performance time no later than a week prior to the event.
The New Auditorium in the Shearman Fine Arts Building(the one behind the wall with the horse & rider) will be used for play rally this year. If you are traveling in a school bus, please just drop off your students and park your buses in either the parking lot behind Raising Cane’s or the football stadium parking lot. Please DO NOT PARK THE BUSES BEHIND THE SHEARMAN FINE ARTS BUILDING since this is used for current student parking. If you are coming in personal vehicles, please email Kourtney Istre at so she can forward you a parking pass for that particular day to place in the front dash of your car. This will give you the approval by campus police to park in the student parking lots.

One Act Play: Each group will receive points as follows: superior (20), excellent (16), very good (12), good (8), and fair (4). One Act Plays receiving superior ratings will qualify for State Play Rally competition.
Play Rally trophies include: Most Promising Actor, Most Promising Actress, Outstanding One Act Play, & Outstanding Ensemble acting.

Two McNeese State University Overall Achievement Scholarships will be awarded to an outstanding actor/actress.

IV. Criteria:

The rating sheets used by critic judges will be given to the schools at the close of the rally.

V. Regulations:

A. One Act Plays:

*The following rules apply to the Drama Events at both District Rally and State Rally:

  1. A given school may enter only one production in the contest. The production may be either a one-act play or an excerpt from a longer play which meets the other contest requirements. You may use an original or existing script. For a large selection of one -act plays, you may contact one of the following publishing companies:
    1. Baker’s Plays, 1445 Hancock St. #206, Quincy, MA 02169
    2. Dramatist’s Play Service, 440 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016
    3. Samuel French, Inc., 25th West 45th St., New York, NY 10036
  2. No entry may run for more than 20 minutes. Each school will have a maximum of 30 minutes, including 5 minutes for set-up and 5 minutes for strike.
  3. Each school must provide all hand props (telephones, books, etc.).
  4. The host university will only provide the following:
    • TWO (2) TABLES (stock, non-descript tables that could seat 2-6 people)
    • SIX (6) CHAIRS (stock, non-descript chairs)
    • NO other furniture, scenery, or set pieces will be allowed.
  5. No sound equipment will be provided by the host university. Schools may bring their own but the set-up and strike of this equipment must be done within the allotted time (see #2 above).
  6. Basic full-stage light wash will be provided by the host university. No additional or special lighting will be allowed.
  7. Warm-up and rehearsal space will be made available by the host university 30 minutes before curtain time. Production groups must supply their own make-up and costumes.
  8. All entries will be performed in curtain settings provided by the host university. Schools are forbidden to erect any scenery (see #4 above).
  9. Each playing group must report backstage 30 minutes before its scheduled time.
  10. Cast members of each play should leave the stage and dressing rooms in good order.
  11. Rally performance times will be emailed to all participating schools following the February 15th deadline. Coordinators should receive their performance time no later than a week prior to the event.

VII. Costs of Participation:

One Act Play:

  • $25 for each one act play (limit one per school).

VIII. Other Information:

A. Deadline for Event Substitutions = before 4:00 p.m. on March 03, 2022. Please make note of the entry deadline on the Rally Checklist.

B. Play Rally Awards Ceremony times with be announced on Rally Day.

District Rally Coordinator
Kourtney Istre

Drama Coordinator
Charles McNeely