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Special Purchases

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Blanket Orders

–- Blanket orders are an encumbrance of funds for a particular vendor over a period of time where small periodic purchases are anticipated. Generally, this time period is from July 1st to May 15th. When entering a Blanket Order requisition, please type BO as the classification in the comment field.
A blanket order cannot be used to avoid following regular Purchasing regulations and procedures. That is… An order cannot be split into two (2) orders and placed on separate invoices on the same day or purchased on separate invoices on different days covering a short period of time.
The periodic purchases against a blanket order are not to exceed $150.00 each or as otherwise stated on the purchase order. Purchases over this amount should be handled on a separate requisition.
Blanket orders will initially be set up for a maximum of $500.00 in most cases. It is the responsibility of the department, along with the vendor, to assure that the total dollar amount of the purchases against the blanket order do not exceed the amount stated on the purchase order.
A blanket order cannot be used by Student Organizations to purchase prizes or award items for give away. Such items must be done on a separate request and it must be indicated on the request that items being requested are for event prizes.

Emergency purchases

An emergency condition is a situation that creates a threat to public health, welfare, or safety such situations may arise as by reason of floods, epidemics, riots, equipment failures, or such other reason as may be proclaimed by the Commissioner of Administration. The existence of such conditions create an immediate and serious need for supplies, services, or major repairs that cannot be met through normal procurement methods and the lack of which would seriously threaten the functioning of Louisiana Government, the preservation or protection of property, or the health or safety of any person.
When an emergency situation arises, the requesting department should contact the Purchasing Department if possible. A request should be entered for supplies and or services required to handle the emergency situation. Please enter EM as the classification in the comment field of the requisition. A detailed written explanation must be submitted to the Purchasing Department describing the emergency situation. This explanation must also identify the buyer the emergency was reported to. The Purchasing Department must report all emergency purchases to the Legislature through State Purchasing.

Sole source purchases

Sole Source procurement is permissible only if a requirement is available from a single supplier. A requirement for a particular brand name item does not justify a sole source procurement… if there is more than one potential bidder or supplier for that item. In cases of reasonable doubt, competition will be solicited. Examples of circumstances, which could necessitate sole source procurement, are as follows: When the compatibility of equipment, accessories, or replacement parts is the paramount consideration; Procurement of public utility services.
To buy sole source, a sole source letter must be obtained from the vendor specifying that they are the only distributors of the product. Also the Justification for Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase form (if needed) must be completed by the department and forwarded to the Purchasing Department — contact Purchasing for this form. Each time a sole source purchase is made even though the same product may have been purchased recently, a new sole source letter must be obtained from the distributor. When entering a Sole Source requisition, please enter SL as the classification in the comment field. The Purchasing Department must report all sole source purchases to the Legislature through State Purchasing.

Name brand purchases

A name brand may be used in the specifications of a product only to denote the quality standard of supplies, services or major repairs desired and does not restrict bidders to the specified brand. Equivalent supplies, services, or major repairs will be acceptable and stated on the invitation to bid. When using a brand name in specifications, you should list the features of the product which are special and necessary to you. In this way, the alternate must have the features listed or it is not equivalent. Do not list features that are not important to your needs. You may be required to justify why specific features are necessary. If a specific brand name must be purchased in order to work with existing equipment, you must complete the Justification for Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase form – contact Purchasing for this form.

Leases and rentals

The majority of all leases and rentals are handled in the same manner as if they were purchased. Any exception must be confirmed and approved by Purchasing.

All or nothing purchases

There are times when the products requested by a department should come from the same vendor (not a particular vendor) to ensure matching colors, compatibility, etc. In such cases, the specifications of the bid must include an “all or nothing” clause indicating that the bid will be awarded to the vendor who meets specifications and whose total bid is lowest. Otherwise, the bid is awarded by item. Items can also be grouped and awarded on an “all or nothing” basis by group. If a department wants the bid items or a group of bid items to be awarded on an “all or nothing” basis, it should be clearly stated with justification as a document note to the requisition.


ALL advertisements MUST go through the purchasing department prior to the ad being placed.

State contracts

State Contracts are contracts made as a result of a bid by State Purchasing in Baton Rouge. Therefore, McNeese can purchase items on state contract without bidding. The contracts available can be viewed at State Purchasing’s web site. The Internet address is: When entering a State Contract requisition, please enter SC or State Contract on requisition and refer to the State Contract number.


Pre-payments are permissible for the following:
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions and renewals
  • Membership Dues 
  • Registration Fees
  • Medical Charges for athletics only
An invoice, registration form, or renewal announcement MUST be forwarded to the Purchasing Department indicating the requisition number for these types of purchases. (Please write the requisition number at the top right corner of document and if more than one document per requisition number, please staple or paper clip documents together.) When entering the Payment Enclosed requisition, please enter PE as the classification in the comment field.
If a need arises in a department where a purchase must be made by an individual and that individual will need to be reimbursed, PRIOR approval must be granted by the person responsible for the department’s budget as well as the Purchasing Department. When the requisition is entered for reimbursement, enter PE as the classification in the comment field of requisition. The receipt must be forwarded to purchasing with the requisition number written on top right corner of document. A document note must be entered specifying the individual in purchasing granting approval to make the purchase.

Unauthorized purchases

Purchases made without approval from the purchasing department are, in general, unauthorized purchases. These purchases are illegal and payment is the responsibility of the purchaser. However, since the purchase is made in the name of McNeese State University, in some cases the University will pay for the unauthorized purchase. In such cases a letter of explanation describing why proper procedure was not followed must be submitted to the Purchasing Department. If the “excuse” is valid, the purchase will be paid for. If not, the payment is the purchaser’s responsibility. A file of all unauthorized purchases will be maintained and forwarded to the Vice-President of Business Affairs periodically.

Travel related purchases

The purchasing department will become involved with travel-related purchases only for obtaining quotes on charters. The state travel regulations are located at the following link: Please contact the Travel Department at ext. 5288 with any travel questions.

Petty cash

The Administrative Accounting Department handles purchases with Petty Cash. The limit on petty cash is $100.00. This does not mean $100.00 per store. This means the total price for items needed cannot exceed $100.00. If the purchase is over $100.00, a purchase requisition must be entered. Petty cash cannot be used for food or services.

Professional services

Effective immediately the following procedures MUST be followed when a contract is required for a professional/personal or consulting service that cost $49,999.00 or less:
  1. The Department negotiates the contract terms (payment terms, scope, etc.) with proposed contractor.
  2. The professional services form is completed in triplicate and signed by the Department Head. A requisition for the service must be entered at this point. Once the requisition is approved and it is determined that there is sufficient budget, the contract is forwarded to the contractor for signature. McNeese Purchasing may accept scans of signatures or electronic signatures within our delegation of authority. Once all signatures are obtained, the contract is to be forwarded to the Purchasing Department (Box 92415). The requisition number must appear on the contract. The contract will be sent to the Payroll Department for approval. If all approvals are met, the contract will be processed. If McNeese has not previously done business with the contractor, a W-9 must be obtained from the contractor and submitted to Purchasing with the vendor request form.
  3. The Purchase Order and a copy of the approved professional services contract will be released to the contractor. At this point work may begin.
  4. The Department will monitor the contractor’s performance. Once services are complete, the purchase order must be received in the system. The Department must approve invoices and forward to Accounts Payable for payment with a check request (copy attached). Department is responsible for notifying Purchasing if an alteration to the Purchase Order will be required, or if any problems are encountered.
  5. Within 60 days of completion of contract, a performance evaluation is required to be submitted to Purchasing to be kept on file.
Contract work may NOT begin until all necessary approvals and documentation are received by the Purchasing Department. Any contract that is submitted with a start date that has already occurred will be deemed unauthorized and will be returned to the department requesting the service. Such contracts will be the sole responsibility of the person entering into the unauthorized contract. Employees entering into unauthorized contracts may be subject to disciplinary action.