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General Services Contract

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Effective immediately the following procedures MUST be followed when a contract is required for a professional/personal or consulting service that cost $49,999.00 or less:
  1. The Department negotiates the contract terms (payment terms, scope, etc.) with proposed contractor.
  2. The general services contract form is completed (copy attached) and signed by the Department Head. A requisition for the service must be entered at this point. Once the requisition is approved and it is determined that there is sufficient budget, the contract is forwarded to the contractor for signature.
    1. If McNeese has not previously done business with the contractor (verify in McNeese Banner system), the Department is to instruct the Contractor to submit their W-9 to Purchasing by email to Kayla DeVillier, If the Contractor is in Banner system, continue to #3.
    2. The Department is to complete and submit the New Vendor Form to Purchasing by email to Kayla DeVillier,, which will be matched with the Contractor’sW-9 upon receipt.
    3. Once both documents are received and entered, Purchasing will notify Department of the Contractor’s McNeese ID number.
  3. Once all signatures are obtained, the contract is to be forwarded to the Purchasing Department (Box 92415). The requisition number must appear on the contract. The contract will be sent to the Payroll Department for approval. If all approvals are met, the contract will be processed.
  4. The Purchase Order and a copy of the approved professional services contract will be released to the contractor. At this point work may begin.
  5. The Department will monitor the contractor’s performance. Once services are complete, the purchase order must be received in the system. The Department must approve invoices and forward to Accounts Payable for payment with a check request (copy attached). Department is responsible for notifying Purchasing if an alteration to the Purchase Order/contract will be required, or if any problems are encountered.
Contract work may NOT begin until all necessary approvals and documentations are received by the Purchasing Department. Any contract that is submitted with a start date that has already occurred will be deemed unauthorized and will be returned to the department requesting the service. Such contracts will be the sole responsibility of the person entering into the unauthorized contract. Employees entering into unauthorized contracts may be subject to disciplinary action.